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Tempest || Dubai

Every once and a while, certain events in life can line up so perfectly, that it renders you speechless. Sometimes, it can all boil down to one specific moment in time that once seemed so improbable, that it’s a profound experience to see it materialize into a reality.

As a photographer, I spend my life seeking out some of what I believe to be the most beautiful destinations on the planet, and while positioning, patience, timing and technique are all crucial elements to my craft, sometimes it all just comes down to having a bit of luck.

I’ve been visiting Dubai for more than five years now and with each visit, I always hope for some beautiful clouds, a rare rain storm, or better yet, the elusive phenomenon of low moving ground fog at sunrise. Just witnessing one of these events alone can be extremely special - two together even more unique, but capturing all three combined in one scene? Well, in my opinion, this many elements coming together so harmoniously is a photographers dream.

So while I was perfectly positioned at 4:45am, setup on the 42nd floor of the Shangri-La Dubai Hotel with my Fujifilm X-Pro 2, Really Right Stuff TFA-01 tripod and PG-01 Panoramic Gimbal, I was ready to capture the sunrise. The rest - the fog, rain, and clouds - were all variables that I could only hope for but never control.

To learn the techniques I used to shoot and post-process this image, you can find all the info about my new tutorial video series by visiting: www.fstoppers.com/elialocardi

12.6mm · f/8.0 · 1.7s · ISO 200
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Amazing pic. I'd have a question for you. In which of the two processing tutorials do you face better the concept of time blending? For instance: adding light in a building in the background but also compositing an element that would partially cover it.
I am very experienced with masks but from time to time it's hard to think of what to do first in your workflow for every single and different situation...

Elia Locardi's picture

The time blending concepts are introduced in the first tutorial "landscapes," but it's a main element throughout the second tutorial "cityscapes." With your knowledge base already, it might be a good idea to start with the second one.

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It's hard not to give that picture a world class rating. It's indeed very memorable! I remember your snapchat where you made it. Gorgous, in balance, perfect lighting, beautiful colors , straight buildings. World class! :)

Elia Locardi's picture

Thanks Mads! It feels good to finally have it edited, and of course, having the buildings be straight. ;)

Richard Bell's picture

Very nice...I tried to get a similar image in FEB for Gulf Photo but was not so lucky. Will keep trying. Again congrats on the image.

Elia Locardi's picture

Yeah, we didn't have much weather luck during GPP this year. That's strange too, considering February is a prime month for fog.

Are you going to GPP again in 2017? I'll be there as well.

Richard Bell's picture

Yes, I would very much like to return. The place is amazing. Your workshop might be the perfect reason to return.

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Anonymous's picture

A very enchanting image

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Amazing photo!

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Hey Elia, im in love with this photo!!!! Absolutely stunning, i remember watching this on ur Snapchat

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keren banget om elia locardi
ini salah satu poto yang saya sukai
om elia locardi emang yang paling hebat

virendra avachat's picture

wow speechless.

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Great shoot here .

Sai Chandrasekhar Dandu's picture

Woah.... That looks surreal

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Amazing! Nice work.

Mark Price's picture

What a wonderful image Elia! The fog encapsulating the city looks amazing, and to catch it with that quality of light - pure class!!

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Great colors and the fog totally makes the shot!!

Sergio David Spadavecchia's picture

Another epic photo! You are incredibly talented

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Awesome work. This shot is your masterpiece!

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Wow .... this is insanely stunning ! Great shot !!

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It just had that look before I even knew it was your shot! That highlight on the Burj Khalifa really puts the icing on the cake! Fantastic! Some people say no wide angle lenses in big spaces but this proves the exception to the rule 👍

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Where's the Jedi Temple? ;-)

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by far one of the best shots ever made @42, I really don't think it can ever get any better Elia.
have a great one this weekend