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The Soul Of Kyoto

The ancient streets of Kyoto are beautiful at night.

28mm · f/8.0 · 10s · ISO 100
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This place is informed to be extremely crowded..Did you shoot long exposure to remove the crowd around?

I found this place almost desert in the evening

Ninnen-zaka and Sannen-zaka..incredible place, I also loved it and shot it (more or less at the same time and witn the same light)
Great job Elia

Wow - this would have been fantastic as a black and white.

What planet do you live on. The reason that they are so interesting is the color. Or?

Great tonality, good timing



What I have noticed is most all of the photos on most sites are paid models or aspiring models who are not paid and landscapes and sunsets... Why don't any of you guys ahoot people who are strangers or anything like photojournalism... alll just nice "Pretty Pictures"... Sorry but I have seen them all before.