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Misty Melody

Colors and light blend beautifully as soft fog rolls through the enchanting hills of Val d'Orcia Tuscany.

98mm · f/8.0 · 1/50s · ISO 50
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Love the composition and lighting here. I love that the house is placed right on Phi. How often does the fog roll in like this??

Thanks, and to answer your question, it happens more often then you'd think. This part of Tuscany is famous for the ground fog.

Like so much this one! Shoulg go there as soon as come back to Italy


Superb! beautiful Italy, so much to shoot.

Love this shot :) I just find the sky a bit disturbing i dont know why but it looks kinda strange to me ... but it's still a great shot love the composition and the light :) I'd wish i could do photos like this one:( :D

Italy <3 :D

Every time I look at this photograph, I think 'wow'! It's so evocative.

Splendid, what a wonderful "selective" light..


Wow, excellent photo. Chapeau man!

The kind of shot I was hoping to make when I was in Italy but I never found a good location.
Just beautifull

awesome atmosphere!

Timeless image, can feel the morning sun, burning through the mist!

Beautiful mood, amazing colors, light, soft shadows. This picture has everything! Love it!