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Winds of Inspiration

An old pagoda and a sea of cherry blossoms frame the beautiful and timeless shape of Mt. Fuji in Japan.

21mm · f/9.0 · 1/250s · ISO 100
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Absolutely love this shot! Really like the contrast and detail in the pagoda.

spectacular composition!

Thanks everyone! This is one of my favorite photos. ^^

I can see why this is one of your favorites Elia! THe clean details, and the timing in this shot are awesome. You must have waited a while to get the shot when MT. Fuji was in the cloud opening. I wish I was capable of this caliber of photography, and was able to travel as much as you! Thanks for sharing this one, and the other wonderful images in your portfolio.

Thanks Paul! For this shot, I spent 3 nights and 4 mornings shooting in this particular location. This turned out to be the best of 7 attempts, since the sky was perfectly intense.

One of the best Japan photos I have ever seen. Fantastic in every way!

Gorgeous shot, really good composition.

Extraordinary shot! Where did you took it from?

Beautifoul shoot!

I freaking love the tonality of this image, it has a very illustrative feel. It's artwork, not just a photo.

Thanks! Japan isn't just a landscape, it's also a work of art. :)

Indeed, I have had a small taste recently when I had a quick trip to Japan to climb Mt. Fuji.

funny thing how you got the building all ligthed up?! is an amazing photo ! ..


I am a big fan of yours I really love your style , and I am inspiring a lot from you :)
I ove all you shots :)

Wow, you know I lived in Japan for a year but this image takes my heart away. I'm sure you have hear that before. but I do so love your work. And that you shot this with a Nikon I'm even more love. Thank you so much for your respect for nature and seeing that which is wonderful.

I think I need to book a flight to japan

I'm part way through watching your second F Stoppers tutorial "photographing cityscapes..."
From seeing your work through that and subsequently looking at some other images of your online (and never seeing this pic before) I saw the thumbnail of this and thought "hey that looks like an Elia pic" and whaddya know.
Now that's gotta say something

Stunning view ! :)

Lovely. Visualize that wire Photoshopped out.

I don’t want to sound too negative but why is this rated so highly? The conditions are nice but what’s with the green color on the side of the structure? I’ve seen better photos from this location with a much lower ratings