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Sleeping Giants

The stars dance above the extraordinary Mt Bromo Indonesia as the morning fog rolls through the caldera.

24mm · f/8.0 · 30s · ISO 100
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Anonymous's picture

How did you get such long star trails at shooting for only 30 seconds?

Leo Huang's picture

you shoot multiple shots of 30 seconds and stack them in photoshop.

Austin Hartt's picture

I second Kenny's question. I have shot as long as 1000 seconds and my trails are just barely that long is it a photomanipulation? (I don't mean that in a negative way because if it is it was excellently done.)

Elia Locardi's picture

I used a process called star stacking, so what you're seeing here is about 150 30 second exposures put together.

Paul Langereis's picture

Wow! This is probably my favorite of your images. I love star trails, and astrophotography, and this is beautiful. I am assuming that you used exposure blending here to get star trails, and that much light on the volcanos? Regardless, another amazing image.

Elia Locardi's picture

Yes, this combines exposure blending with star stacking. I also had the benefit of a low moon behind me which helped to illuminate the landscape.

Anthony and Jessica Perez's picture

Love this photo. Great idea stacking exposures for the trails. Much more control that way.

Eysteinn thor's picture

...an absolute beauty...

Matt Noone's picture

I love the star trails Elia, the colors are great. What really wows me though is the sharpness in the landscape - amazing. Is this done through focus stacking?

Elia Locardi's picture

The foreground is shot with a long exposure at f/8 and the stars are at f/2.8. So not exactly focus stacking - more exposure blending.

Michel Nguyen's picture

Just recognize this photo on 500px cover :) superb!

Anonymous's picture

Wow! Awesome shot

Mauricio Martinez's picture

decided! following right now ! :D

Paul Watt's picture

You know when you think you're a decent photographer then you see an image like this? Wow. I'm going to try something like this myself first chance I get!

Max Thilen's picture

Did you shoot the foreground while the sun was still setting?

Elia Locardi's picture

Actually, it was a very fortunately placed crescent moon.

Alessandro Carpentiero's picture

This just left me speechless.
Incredible Elia, big fan of your work.

Gabriela Fulcher's picture

Otherworldly scenery. Well done.

Aditya Rahmawan's picture

WOW mount bromo amazing shot elia.. i live near there in Surabaya

axax xouxas's picture

Hello Elia .

Very nice Shoot.

CAn i ask you a question and if you want you can answer to me-us?

I try to capture star trails and i have a problem with that when i am stucking them in photoshop the closer stars to the pole (North) it looks very nice but the other stars are not in a continius line but they have dotts.

My settings are
Camera Nikon D800E
LEns Nikon 14-24 f.2.8
Shooting at 30 sec f2.8
Iso 1600
and i set the interval to 34 sec

I am using a compact flash Lexar 800x

Can you tell us your settings and also did my Compact Flash card is slow? And also did you put interval each shot ?

Thanks a lot.

Sal Ahmed's picture

Great shot

Kenny Barfield's picture

Great shot! Been to Mt. Bromo a few times. It was unreal when it was erupting a few years ago.

Steve Rengers's picture

The perfect star trail image!

Carlos Mitchell's picture

great shot wow

Luke Irwin's picture

I live about an hour or two from here and I've never had clear enough skies for an image like this. As soon as next dry season start I'll be up there trying to out do this.

Danijel Turnšek's picture

Wow! This is so perfect! my dream shot! :D