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Rising Tide

The sky explodes with color as ocean waves wash over the St. Clair Beach pylons in New Zealand.

24mm · f/8.0 · 1s · ISO 100
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robert bates's picture

Beautiful, Would love this in my living room. Superb shutter drag..

Elia Locardi's picture

Thanks for the comment Robert!

Paul Langereis's picture

An amazing shot Elia. The lighting, the movement in the water, and the contrast between the pilings and rest of the image make it very strong. My only minor quirk is the horizon line ebing slightly off. No doubt this was to maintain the vertical feeling in the pilings. A great shot though!

Elia Locardi's picture

lol - nope, that's actually a mistake. ;)

Paul Langereis's picture

It is such an amazing image that it really does not matter. Love your work!

John Hight's picture

Very eye catching image. The colors are wonderful.

kristie williams's picture

Im going to "fan girl" here for a moment and just say that watching you on the fstoppers youtube videos and hearing your story is just so inspiring! I wish I had a small fraction of the talent that you possess because I would do the same thing you and your wife did!! You both are so lucky to live your dream and have each others love and support. You are both truly an inspiration.

mohd izuan md yusop's picture

this is beautiful...

Paul Watt's picture

Another image that inspires me to take more and better photos! Was this one exposure or several blended together for the focusing?

Viva Habbit Van Assen's picture

You knock my socket off Jesus this is pure honey so sweet soft you got such a great eye. Wonderful just love this.

Studio 403's picture

In Texas, I know a plumber who can stop that water flow in 10 min. THINK BIG

Geoff Guthrie's picture

Love this shot and this location as it's local to me. Pity that there aren't many of the pylons left now.