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Little Brother

July 16, 2019

Finally some new work! I'm really rather happy with how this turned out. The shot is from austria, with the "Sonnenspitze" (sun peak) as the main subject (The mounain is right next to the Zugspitze, Germany's highest peak). The lake in front is named "Drachensee" (Dragon lake). I haven't really seen any really good images from here, so I'm glad to see that I could come up with what I think is a very solid composition. The conditions were pretty sweet too, so nature should get some (probably most) of the credit for the final result as well. Editing actually took quite a while on this, as I shot from early blue hour through past sunrise, while focus stacking the entire thing. And let me tell ya, the 16-35 f4 from Canon suffers from this desease rather heavily, so adjusting for it in post was a bit of a nightmare. Anyway, I'm happy with the result, and the 3 hours of shooting were just awesome. So get out there kids, it's good fun. (mostly).
PS: there are no filters involved here, so beliebe it or not you don't need them for every shot.

19mm · f/9 · 1/100th - 10sec · ISO 160-320
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Very nicely done. I'm not a "pro", but I apply my filter: Would I hang it on a wall? YES!!

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Thank you Mark! Haha, I'll happily sell you a copy if you want ;)