I shot Diana Blocker about two years ago back when I was still with delRio Ad Agency. Diana has a touch of Heterochromia (one eye color is different than the other) and i just love that about her. This was her first time modeling and she did a wonderful job.

Canon 5D MKII
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Michael Woloszynowicz's picture

Loving the tones on this one Rebecca. Great headshot.

Rebecca Britt's picture

Thank you Michael.

Rob Nitsch's picture

Great expression! the photo on a whole feels fresh and natural, i really like that.

Rebecca Britt's picture

Thank you Rob

Adam Bender's picture

Love her eyes! That touch of brown in her left eye is so special. The tones and DOF are really breathtaking. You only really get the best from this image viewed larger. Awesome.

Rebecca Britt's picture

Thank you Adam. Diana has a touch of Heterochromia, hence the brown. I love that about Diana. :D

Bryan Dockett's picture

Great shot!

Rebecca Britt's picture

Thank you Bryan.

Cagomoc Reed's picture

Tones are really nice..

Anonymous's picture

Very nice!

Dino Proctor's picture

Excellent! Beautiful soft lighting across her face balanced with the background light, lovely relaxed and engaged expression.