Did I mentioned that I love shooting streams? It's not only because of the vivid water of rapids. It's their shape, color and reflection. This meandering stream on the Lofoten Islands is extremly photogenic.

After a beautiful hike I went to this location at around 2 a.m. Perfect time! At summer solstice in artic regions you may need to reverse you daily routine. Shoot at "night" and sleep at day.

I wished I could get a few metres higher to better capture the sinuous line of the water. But nevertheless it was extraordinary beautiful.

9mm · f/1.0 · 1/8s · ISO 200
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i love the composition, is soo good

Thanks, very appreciated.

Really nice shot. Love the colors

Thank you very much Jabi.

so beautiful reflection! great work!

Thanks a lot. I was very calm. So the reflection came out very nice.