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I'm quite happy about this shot because I didn't plan it! I planned a star trail shot for two hours looking south but that didn't come out very well. This area is rather heavily light polluted and it was mid of June. So I didn't expect the milky way to display that clear.

I word about this location, the Externsteine in Western Germany. This is quite famous in several regards. First, it's part of a nature reserve and popular hiking area. Secondly, it's historical significance, beginning from Old Stone Age, as a sancutuary and astronomical observatory in the Middle Ages until now as a tourist attraction. Third, the Externsteine are a ritual place for esoteric groups.

But to sum it up for the photographer: these huge and striking rocks are just awesome! Be prepared to meet some people (even at night). Photographers, families, hikers, mystics...

9mm · f/2.8 · 20s · ISO 200
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