Fairy chimney by jabi sanz
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Fairy chimney

May 2, 2020

A fairy chimney, in geomorphology, is a kind of large natural column made up of weak rocks, generally sedimentary, whose top is made of more resistant rock that protects it from the effects of erosion. Knows also as a hoodoos. This badlands are located in Canada 1.5 hour from Calgary.

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un primer plano genial jabi!

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Gracias bro me alegra que te guste. A pasar una buena fase 0 jejeje

richard toribio casares's picture

mitica macho!preciosa

jabi sanz's picture

Gracias Richard. Un saludo

Jose Luis Llano's picture

Que pasada de compo Jabi!

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Me alegra que te guste bro

Efren Yanes's picture

Muy buena compo tío! Una pasada

jabi sanz's picture

Gracias Efren....como va la fase 0?

Efren Yanes's picture

De momento bien, pero con muchas ganas de que llegue la 1, tú qué tal?

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si eso esperamos todos el dia 11 es el dia jejeje

Thomas De Franzoni's picture

Again... Astonishing shot!!!

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hehehe you comment me on 1x right? Thanks a lot man

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Como ne gusta ese primer plano Jabi👏👏