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The Other Self

One of the makeup artist I came up to me asking to create a project for Halloween 2014. I had the idea of creating a mask without using a mask for quite some time but didn't really know how to do it or even what to do with it. I also didn't want to get into something bloody or gore.

So we decided to split the face of the model into to using the makeup. That way we could keep a very glamour side (left) and another one dark. By doing that we wouldn't go to dark and we could also keep a human side in order to avoid making it look too much like CGI or pure Photoshop (nb: this is note a composite).

We first thought of creating the mask with rhinestones. Though I found them too big to create something truely unique. So we went ahead with beads.

If you're reading this and are thinking "I want to do the same"… go ahead and tell me how much time you spent… because it took us about 12 hours to glue them on the model's face. And when I say us I mean, the makeup artist, the model and me. Patience was key for this project! :)

Photographer: Quentin Décaillet
Hair: Dany Maugeri
Model: Christelle Burrus
MUA: Sibel Kayak

Canon 1D X
100mm · f/14 · 1/250th · ISO 200
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Jason Ranalli's picture

That's some serious perfection right there!! Great job!

Quentin Decaillet's picture

Thanks Jason :)

Matt Green's picture

I need to know. Is this 2 images merged? If it's a single image, the makeup/bead application is incredible.

Quentin Decaillet's picture

This is one single picture. It took us about 12-13hrs to glue the beads on the model's face…

Matt Green's picture

It's an impressive image. But the bead/makeup application is probably even more impressive. Excellent work! I don't think there is any valid criticism anybody could make. This photo looks so impossible. I'm a fan of it.

Noel Edling's picture

Absolute stunner, well executed.

Jan Christian Zimara's picture

Really impressive :)
Make Up and picture in perfection :)

Brian Reed's picture

I have been doing body paint photography here in Colorado for over four and a half years. I can speak from experience when I say that was a VERY LONG process. The "Final Product," however ... ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS work from everyone. Congratulations on such a stunning image.

Alexandre Watanabe's picture

Even if it was a composite, the image would be awesome, but, as a single image, it's perfect. Congratulations for the team!

Denis Girard's picture

C'est vraiment fou! super belle job en tout point.

Christian Madsen's picture

Wow alone for the patience and work put into creating this image!

Ale Vidal's picture

Despite the manual part of this job is awesome, I dislike how you photoshopped the hair

Quentin Decaillet's picture

If I had to reshoot/re-retouch this, I'd change a lot of things :) The hair retouching is at most decent, but some areas make it very obvious I drew over in post. Also the skin is a bit too soft for my taste and the black part lacks depth and details.
Still one of my favorite project to date as far as result goes, but it's far from perfect :)

Ale Vidal's picture

In any case, I take a deep look at your portfolio here, and it is extremely good. I love it

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