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A Fold for All Seasons - Spring

Being tired of shooting conventional beauty and fashion, I wanted to try out something very different and more conceptual than usual. So I took my laptop and browsed though the web for hours looking at things I like… I stumbled upon some origami art and fell in love right away! I had to find something to incorporate folded paper in my shoot.

Spot coloring has been a big "no no" for many photographers for years… I actually hate it… But why not try to make it somewhat appealing by creating it in camera rather than in post? I contacted one of my makeup artist to know if it would be possible to make our models white and just have a touch of color somewhere on their body or face. I didn't want to much color, but I wanted the color to be strong. It had to complement the folded paper and its texture without overpowering it.

The result is very much like I envisioned it! But I must confess that it took a lot of time to fold the paper (there are actually 4 different looks)… more than I thought actually. I have huge amount of respect for those that are origami artists (I don't if that is what they are called though), that's for sure!

Photographer: Quentin Décaillet
Model: Sarah Pecherski
MUA: Sibel Kayak

Canon-1D X
100mm · f/16.0 · 1/250s · ISO 200
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Great shot, this is something I would like to try too.

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My photo of the day

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Very cool, I love this

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OMG !!!! This is so good !!!