Auto-Mask Everything at Once: New Tool in Photoshop Is Absolutely Incredible

Have you used this little-known tool in recent versions of Photoshop? Have you even seen it? It makes editing images so much easier. See it in use here.

When I look at the developments in post-production software today and the capabilities they possess, I honestly don't know whether to cry into the basket of redundant skills I now own or scream into the heavens because of how easy things are now. To wit, I spent so many hours perfecting my use of the Pen Tool that I used to wear it as a badge of honor. My control of Bezier handles even made it into office small talk. I was that proud of my dexterity. It all seems so pointless now because of the evolution of editing software.

And that point brings us to this great video by Unmesh Dinda from PiXimperfect, in which he shows us a tool in Photoshop that takes the ease of masking to unimagined levels. Like many, I had no idea this tool even existed, let alone what it could do, but when I saw it in action, I was gobsmacked. You can quickly and immediately mask every object in an image with a single click of a button. Just go to the Layer tab, then click Mask All Objects. Photoshop will then create a mask, on its own layer, for every object it detects in the image. For example, if you have six people in a portrait image, each person will masked on their own layer, as well as the group together on a separate layer. It's phenomenal. To see it in action and how you can apply it in real-world situations, give the video a look, and let me know your thoughts.

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