Do You Know This Awesome Trick To Change Specific Colors in Photoshop?

Targeting specific colors to change in Photoshop can be difficult, especially when you only want to affect particular areas or elements of the frame. Learn how to do it here with this really great method.

Post-production software like Photoshop gives you so many options to alter different parts of your frame and there are always alternative ways to do the same thing. And so it is with changing colors of different elements in your image. However, what's not always easy when you want to change certain colors or specific things is doing it quickly, efficiently, and most importantly, accurately. You might spend too much time on finicky selections or make global adjustments that affect parts of your frame you hadn't wished for. So how do you target specific elements of your image without impacting the colors of other elements?

In this really helpful video brought to you by the Photoshop Training Channel, Jesus Ramirez teaches you a nifty method for targeting specific colors quickly, precisely, and cleanly. In this example, you can see clearly how the technique doesn't affect the green plants or the golden, hanging lights. I do a lot of composite work and color matching and altering colors is a big part of my workflow. I've found this method really helpful and have already implemented it a couple of times with great success.

Give it a look and let me know what you think in the comments below. Changing colors easily like this definitely opens up your creative options.

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That's very cool :-)

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