Flickr Spotlight – InfraRed Madness

Infra-red is something we just can't see with our own naked eyes. We usually use it in products like the Xbox Kinect or for night vision goggles, but when using the right filter on your camera, you can use infra-red light to create amazing images.

Have you ever used infra-red filters for your photography? if so, please share the results with us on our Facebook Group!

So, which are your favorites? let us know in the comments.

Charismatic of Batak House
Photo: Sayid Budhi.

Enchanted IR Kingdom
Photo: re2_king.

Photo: Mattias Hammar.

Photo: Nasir Ali.

Photo: Robaall.

Lady and the Lake
Photo: Dain McGowan.

Whelford lakes 01
Photo: Steven Meyer-Rassow.

Basilique de Cointe - IR
Photo: Steve Collin.

Epping Forest for Emuishere
Photo: Séan Nel.

Coldwater One-Room School IR
Photo: Jerry E Shelton.

Calm before the Storm
Photo: Mattias Hammar.

Yard Sale
Photo: James Neeley.

Photo: Kevin Council.

Chesterton Windmill
Photo: Ben Locke.

IR horses
Photo: Goofe.

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how do you do infrared photos?

That would be a good post for Fstoppers. HEY GUYS IF YOU SEE THIS I'M WILLING TO WRITE A GUEST POST!

But mainly it involves buying an infrared filter and setting your camera to a long exposure on manual. And then adjusting color in post with camera raw. You can have the built-in filter on your camera removed so you don't have that long of exposures, but that would limit your camera to only infrared from then on, so it's a bad idea to convert a nice camera unless you're super super into infrared photography.

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malimilan's picture

Fishermen! Amazing photographs!

Andrea G.'s picture


ajmills's picture

Some stunning photos there!

Samuel Paz's picture

Analog or digital?