Photos Shot From A Perspective That Will Make You Look Twice To Figure Them Out

Photos Shot From A Perspective That Will Make You Look Twice To Figure Them Out

These photos are almost like optical illusions. You won't believe what you're seeing for a while till you look twice. Some of them look downright wrong but thankfully there is a good explanation for each of them! Which ones were your favorite? Take a look and let us know what you think. 

[Via 9gag]

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The girl in the car took me a while to see it because I saw the correct version...haha

i still cant figure out. 

 ah i just saw it. the back of her chair looks like her right leg, so looks like she is spreading her legs.

 ya i cant figure that one out either.....

Absolutely FANTASTIC! You've got me wanting to try to cause some of these * issues * on purpose!


It literally took me a minute to figure out one of the girl with the vase...

The girl in the car and the woman at the microphone w/ the flag shadow...I can't figure it out, I guess I'm seeing it the correct way.

The flag shadow looks like a shadow of a floating platform and mic.  Took me a minute also.

What's the one with the girl on the beach?  

mouahahaha Too cool!

Damn ! :-p

The lady on the beach  looks like she is floating in the air on that wooden platform, it took me a while to figure that out :) You just have to stare at it for a while to see it :D

whats witht the woman in the car?

it took for a while before it finally sinked in for me..... simply focus on her face, and it will dawn on you. :)

 im still not seeing the girl in the car one?? hmmmm

yea me too. what's wrong with that? cant figure out. 

 Spreading her legs. seat's back as one of her leg (appears).

The girl on the bike ha ha .....the seat totaly looks like a ding dong lol

This is fantastic. Very funny

Anyone else notice that the second photo with the kids is Liev Schreiber and Naomi Watts with their children?


My favorite one is by far the one with the boyfriend and girlfriend--boyfriend laying on red couch, girlfriend holding his neck behind him. HAHA

Least favorite would definitely be the girl on the stage with the flags in the background.

lol kml

Most clever are. Woman on hovering platform and girl on car seat

Very funny!


Why is a photography blog publishing this?

Entertainment, the joy and humor of photography.

It was entertaining ... of course, they could have added a bit more content and critique to the article. Does seem a little lazy.