The Average Faces of Women Around the World

The Average Faces of Women Around the World has published the results of a recent experiment where experimental psychologists at the University of Glasgow in Scotland have combined the faces of women around to world to approximate the "average face" of each country. Using a modern version of the technique that Sir Francis Galton pioneered in the 1800's, multiple images of faces are aligned and composited together to form the final result.

There is already controversy surrounding the results. Some people feel that the average is "too attractive." Part of this is explained by the process. Instead of having a lot of blurry images with undefined features, this method averages the shape of the features before blending the images together. Also when blending, remember that many singular issues are "averaged away." The study also does not reveal how the participants were selected or how large the sample size actually is.

No conclusive evidence, however, on Polish women's propensity for bangs.

average faces of women around the world

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Bangle Dupree's picture

Actually as another person from NE, mostly northern Germans, less Scandinavians.

Dijana's picture

There you go. I read it was mostly Scandinavians. Still makes sense. It's the Aryan look any way. Though there are subtle differences.

Cf's picture

what mix of cultures in US are you talking about ??? different cultures living next to each other don't make any mix, just cultures living next to each other !
and US is made up of mimmigrants from the early beginning of this nation....mostly convicts and prostitutes condemned to be exile from Europe to what will be call US !

Bong's picture

U.S. since all are immigrants are a mixture of all of the above. lol

Lu's picture

Brazil is very mixed too... as well as South Africa and a lot of others on the list

Preston Wiginton's picture

mixing destroys diversity. THink of a box of 128 crayons and melt them all together.. no more diversity then.

Eoin's picture

Nice try:) but I think:"nope" how would you have diversity in for example the workplace, schools, shops, families if there was no "mixing" as you call it (allowed)? Diversity is not only about ethnicity it's also about gender, age, lifestyle etc.
My native language is Dutch so please pardon grammar and spelling mistake( and yes I don't look Dutch right? lol, *hashtag* loving diversity) In regards to the crayons all melted together? I think I have seen some nice pieces of art made from melted crayons.....

Preston Wiginton's picture

Most melted crayons are disasters with medical and psychological problems. You are not dutch anymore than a yellow crayon is green. It is sad that you do not like your own people enough to want to be them. The diversity you talk about in the EU and USA is forced by law and cost much money to make happen. If it were so natural such measures would not need to be taken.

disqus_BNqjymr8ME's picture

How can you tell her she is not Dutch? Dutch is a nationality. I am American. Does being american imply race or ethnicity? No. It is my nationality. And saying I'm American does not mean that I don't like my "own people." Don't be ridiculous! Diversity is not forced by law. We are not in the slave trade era. And what medical and psychological problems are you speaking of? Do you have facts to back this?

Preston Wiginton's picture

American is an ideal. Dutch, German, Japanese, Bantu .. these are all organic as they have genetic markers and unique cultures. Diversity in USA is forced by affirmative action and civil rights. Will post studies later on how mixed raced are messed up. But it should be common knowledge that a mixed race person can not receive bone marrow transplants and not until recently organ transplants as it is there are no donors for bone marrow and difficult to find donors for organs due to genetic differences. You can start with this one...

disqus_BNqjymr8ME's picture

That is not true that mixed races can't find donors! Difficult to find does not mean impossible. That is why it's not common knowledge. Diversity is not forced by affirmative action. Diversity comes because people want to live here among other races and cultures. There is a reason so many people want to come to the US- opportunity and diversity. What is your nationality and ethnicity? There are few who are not 'mixed' in this day and time.

Preston Wiginton's picture

mixed races can't find bone marrow that is fact. In America we live in a more segregated society than we did 50 years ago. Ever hear of white flight. Google it. Immigrants come to America for a free ride.. some come for opportunity, but there is little opportunity in America now.

disqus_BNqjymr8ME's picture

Free ride? Immigrants work hard at the jobs many Americans no longer want to do, and/or refuse to do. "There is little opportunity" is matter of perspective. For many, it is still the land of opportunity, or else why would they want to come? Regarding bone marrow donors, I am on the registry. Finding a donor is more a function of people actually getting on the registry to donate, not that there are no genetically similar donors. Some don't want to donate for fear of pain, etc. that is about education. A great article about that.,8599,1993074,00.html
And I don't need to google white flight to know that many whites like yourself are scared and close minded and flee at the first sign of diversity.

Preston Wiginton's picture

85% of illegal immigrants in Texas are on welfare. We spend over 6 billlion a year educating them. It is the land of free loading. Many working Mexicans that I know are going back to Mexico. Like most Americans their wages have not kept up with prices and they find they are just as well off at HOME than in America.

averagejoe 74's picture

100% of MNCs are on welfare, too. Where's your bitching about that?

disqus_BNqjymr8ME's picture

Percent of whites on welfare- 38.8%

Percent of Hispanics on welfare-15.7

Maybe whites should "go back"

Statistician's picture

Those stats are not percent of a race on welfare, but percent of welfare recipients who are of that race.

disqus_BNqjymr8ME's picture

Yes Satistician. That is what it says.

julia neal's picture

That's a meaningful differentiation, worth pointing out. Thank you :)

dumbass's picture

not even close

disqus_BNqjymr8ME's picture

That wasn't even worth posting. If you want to debate or educate someone, give facts or real insight. My information came with a link to supporting statistics. Is that all you got?

shaunthebrummie's picture

its the white working class that pays for the whites on benefits....who pays for the blacks on benefits....the whites.....because they are too lazy..stuipid and rather waste time and oxygen than work....lets have the real crime stats...blacks 12% 0f the population.....but commit 80% of it...and why do most blacks get caught....again they're STUPID....look at africa....get the whites out and let them do it for themselves.......always begging and with some lame excuse...even possitive discrimination cant mask blacks STUPIDITY.....and all the non white faces are UGGGLLEEEEE.....flat noses..thick like wire........these are facts.....

disqus_BNqjymr8ME's picture

Your racist ignorance speaks for itself

Nope's picture

Go take Statistics 101, causation is not the same as correlation. If you are born more likely to be discriminated against, in a poor household and with lower education, that affects your outcome. And who are the people who are more likely to be born into these circumstances?

Your use of the word "stupidity" is pretty interesting choice considering your inability to grasp basic math concepts.

Miguel Osorio's picture

Everybody in USA is inmigrant, except aboriginals.You too.

Fumblebutter's picture

Even our oldest known inhabitants crossed via land bridge. We are all migrants of a land we should all share.

Mícaela's picture

That's a LIE. ONE MAJOR qualification to receive welfare or any benefits from a welfare agency is that YOU HAVE PROOF THAT YOU ARE A CITIZEN or LEGAL ALIEN. I would know, having worked in welfare. A week ago I had to deny a victim fleeing domestic violence because she was not a citizen. You are a bigot that picks outdated sources to spew racism.

Evan Martin's picture

this has nothing to do with diversity tho. dont bundle up economic problems with ethnic diversity. you dont make sense and you just sound racist.

Nope's picture

And pray tell how these legal immigrants are qualified to receive American welfare?

40% of statistics are made up on the spot.

Megs22's picture

So, how is it that my friend's child, who is a mix of black and caucasian, had a successful bone marrow transplant. As the poster before said..."Difficult to find does not mean impossible". One mere google search negates your argument.

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