The Average Faces of Women Around the World

The Average Faces of Women Around the World has published the results of a recent experiment where experimental psychologists at the University of Glasgow in Scotland have combined the faces of women around to world to approximate the "average face" of each country. Using a modern version of the technique that Sir Francis Galton pioneered in the 1800's, multiple images of faces are aligned and composited together to form the final result.

There is already controversy surrounding the results. Some people feel that the average is "too attractive." Part of this is explained by the process. Instead of having a lot of blurry images with undefined features, this method averages the shape of the features before blending the images together. Also when blending, remember that many singular issues are "averaged away." The study also does not reveal how the participants were selected or how large the sample size actually is.

No conclusive evidence, however, on Polish women's propensity for bangs.

average faces of women around the world

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Felicianomiko's picture

*face palm* Sorry, that was directed at Preston, the idiot who said you weren't Dutch due to skin color, of all the stupid ignorant things to say. No idea why it tagged your name instead. >_<

For the love, now it had me replying to myself....there, I think it (read me) got it right...

Guest's picture

*face palm* Sorry, that was directed at disqus_BNqjymr8ME, the idiot who said you weren't Dutch due to skin color, of all the stupid ignorant things to say. No idea why it tagged your name instead. >_<

julia neal's picture

Golly! Preston's really upset about this and I gave up on reading below, but well said Eoin, and I'm with you on this; I often catch my breath at the unique beauty of the melted crayons :-) Black Dutch Girl - you rock!!! :D

highwaterjane60's picture

My parents were both Hollanders, but I think the Spanish profile is closer to that of me and my five sisters. Of course, that makes perfect sense since the part of Holland my parents were from was part of Spain for quite a while.

5grecianurns's picture

Without mixing...all the crayons would be the same color!

Salient Skivvy's picture

That's the dumbest comment.
You get more diversity by adding more variety of genes. Go take a biology course.

Manuela Trindade's picture

Are you aware that mixing is what actually creates diversity in the first place? Stop treating mixed people as aberrations, or saying that diversity is forced upon the USA. And if you thing the USA is more segregated today than it was years ago is because of narrow-minded people like you that don't "believe" in diversity.

Manuela Trindade's picture

And, hey, don't think of diversity as melted crayons, think of it as colors. If you don't mix colors together, you'll never get different colors. So, yeah, diversity is a great thing.

Greg Erlichmann's picture

Lol, I'm guessing you live in an all white neighborhood. All you diversity mongers do for some (hypocritical) reason. And no, "diversity" is not good. In it's current form, it is ethnic cleansing and genocide (with an unholy interest in white majority countries only). The Israeli's call it "Silent Holocaust" concerning Jews mixing with non-Jews, and they are right as mixing murders the race and culture/cultures that were spawned from it. Multiculturalism and Diversity are the Disease, Ethnic Nationalism is the Cure!!!

Kristen's picture

Can you trace your roots all the way back to the birth of humanity? you've made it very clear that you are white, but how do you know that you don't have an ancestor that was of middle eastern/black/indian/asian descent? You don't. Your ignorance is pitiful. I feel bad for you

timecat's picture

That depends on how you melt and mix the crayons. It may actually create more diversity because you get more unique mixtures- more variety of shades between pink and red, blue and purple, yellow and green, etc. You can have two colors mix, three colors, as many as you want. Doesn't mean they'll all turn to brown- maybe there are just streaks of color as certain things get averaged out and others stay pure. Also some areas will get more of the oranges and others will get more blues and some more greens; mixing doesn't mean mixing evenly across the board.

Aaron's picture

U.S. are not all immigrants. You can take composite of the native american tribes.....

Russ Schaeffler's picture

I would like to see a composite also of native american women, I imagine it would resemble women from the areas of Mongolia, Japan, and Korea in the graphic.

Nancy King's picture

Same here Russ Schaeffler...

Jake Lunniss's picture

Well, they were immigrants when the first humans arrived from Africa. Just sayin... Facetious? Moi?

Preston Wiginton's picture

and even they came across the Bering Strait... so how are they not immigrants?

canada_ian 92's picture

immigration is a legal term, there was no claimed land here to begin with. that is why they're called the "first peoples"/ "aboriginals" because it means exactly that.

Preston Wiginton's picture

Look up Solutrean Theory. They may not have been the first peoples. Aside they were conquered by superior peoples that created the legal states of Canada and The United States of America and Mexico. . There were many claimed lands by the Indian tribes after they arrived on the North American continent as they slaughtered each other for centuries over such lands and they probably slaughtered the first Americans, more than likely Europeans, to extinction as well.

averagejoe 74's picture

So by "superior peoples" you appear to imply they are the people who conquer or slaughter the people that came before them. Your assumption that Euros were somehow slaughtered by "the First Americans" and your presumption of superiority makes no sense whatsoever. You are mixing definitions and getting confused by your own bias of what "American" means to you and people like you. You are trying to hide behind some pseudo-science and throwing around Blah-Blah-Blah Theory. Nice try, guy. I suggest reading some texts like Guns, Germs and Steel or Zero Sum.

Preston Wiginton's picture

Superior at the time. Superior changes with time. Jewish Supremacist like Jared Diamond and Boas have weakened the white man with their lies so much that whites are celebrating and causing their own extinction.

averagejoe 74's picture

Nope. Guess again. White man? Superior? What makes whiteness superior in your eyes?

Preston Wiginton's picture

They were at one time. There was a saying that the sun never sat on on the British flag. Dying off now due to a disease called liberalism. Can you show me anything that was not invented by a white person? What we call science came from the Aryan. As far as I am concerned white people should go on strike and say the hell with the rest of the world or at least Germany and Russia should team up build a wall and say the hell with the rest of the world.

averagejoe 74's picture

Science is the name of the processes that began when the universe first came into being. Aryans have no stake hold on science. To presume otherwise is pure pomposity. White people, in the USA at least, went on strike when they decided to enslave black people and force them to do the work that blacks and whites once did together. Whites and Blacks were once brought to America by land owning settlers here and made to pay off the expense of their travel to the new world through indentured servitude. It was only after these whites and blacks banded together as workers to rise up against the poor working conditions imposed upon them by the owners of the land. The wealthy land owners invented race and the privilege of whiteness to divide and conquer this economic rebellion. That is where we get the concept of "race".

Preston Wiginton's picture

YOu really don't know much on the development of mankind do you. Look up east/west north/south theory sometime. The Ancient Egyptians had a concept of race, that was a little before America was founded. White Privilege .. really, what a joke. Race is a BIOLOGICAL reality determined by genetics, not some pie in the sky liberal/communist assertion.

averagejoe 74's picture

Enjoying your myopic ideology there, aren't you. Stop trying to label me something I'm not. Did the Egyptians, a non-white group of people, call their idea of difference, race? Of course there is xenophobia and it has no exclusion to ignorant white people. The problem is when people try to assign labels of superiority/inferiority to people for the outcomes and the roll of the dice that is history.

Preston Wiginton's picture

As I have stated superiority changes over time. The Chinese will rule the world in just a few decades. Liberalism has destroyed Europeans/whites. They might as well dig their own graves.

averagejoe 74's picture

Do you often find, in your actual life, Preston, that people find other things to do when they start a conversation with you? Good bye.

Brian's picture

You don't know anything about history. "Liberalism" arose as a response to the Ancien Regime at the end of the 18th century, and carved out of the sphere of the kings and oligarchs what little progress has been made towards societal justice in the time since then.

Chaoslight's picture

How amusing that it is due to "liberalism" that slavery was abolished, I wonder if he is for slavery... it would seem so.

Michael's picture

liberalism leads to its own forms of slavery, liberal economic policies have led to the globalised, free market where TNC/MNCs are able to exploit third world citizens as manufacturing slaves... is it all that different to bringing slaves to your own country to serve white man?

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