The Average Faces of Women Around the World

The Average Faces of Women Around the World has published the results of a recent experiment where experimental psychologists at the University of Glasgow in Scotland have combined the faces of women around to world to approximate the "average face" of each country. Using a modern version of the technique that Sir Francis Galton pioneered in the 1800's, multiple images of faces are aligned and composited together to form the final result.

There is already controversy surrounding the results. Some people feel that the average is "too attractive." Part of this is explained by the process. Instead of having a lot of blurry images with undefined features, this method averages the shape of the features before blending the images together. Also when blending, remember that many singular issues are "averaged away." The study also does not reveal how the participants were selected or how large the sample size actually is.

No conclusive evidence, however, on Polish women's propensity for bangs.

average faces of women around the world

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Mixed races can find bone marrow, your fact is incorrect. You're speaking in 1950's terms. As a donor and a frequency systems manager for a few hospital systems in the Southeast, I've seen and have been on such donation lists. The mixed race marrow donation WAS rare, but that information is also 10 years outdated.

Please list your qualifications and cite your sources. Do not spread poor information, and try to use an educated set of statements. You lower the expectations of your assumed race.

I've never heard colonialism, imperialism, slavery, and genocide as being called "affirmative action" and "civil rights." How did your ancestors arrive here? I'm curious.

pretty sure this preston kid is with the aryan brotherhood, just a heads up to anyone thats upvoting this crazy bastards posts haha

You are a profoundly stupid person.

It is ethnicity, she is part of that ethnicity. Please, just because US is a melting pot does not make it ok to force other countries becoming ones. It causes viollence as we seen oin europe today. One foreigner nice, two, ok, a whole community? problems galore.

Who the heck is forcing anybody to become a melting pot? And Europeans have their own history of violence before any "foreigners" arrived. You can't conquer and colonize and then get upset when those from your colonies decide to move next door. Does not make sense. If Europeans stayed out of Africa and the Americas to start with, instead of pillaging for their own gain, things may be very different now. So deal with your "problems galore."

NO, it doesn't cause violence. Where in Europe does it cause violence? There are for example so many foreigners in Ireland coming from Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, Africa etc. and I haven't seen or heard of any violence outburst yet. It's when people start to spread hate and cause a "divide and conquer" situation. When you talk about "foreigners" are you being selective about the word? For example people from Scandinavia in Ireland you wouldn't consider to be foreigners but Indian people would be? Just curious to know..

there is violence if the people migrating are Muslims or Arabs, they like to rape women in their culture... So yes inviting these people into countries does cause violence. The UK has neighbor hoods with only Indians and Arabs in them. Australia has had people walking home from work getting bashed by Leb gangs, and asylum seekers raping blind girls on elevators

wow. I don't think I have ever heard anything that is so moronic. Don't you dare ignorantly stereotype which races 'rape women in their culture'. That is unfathomably ignorant. In no culture is rape acceptable, neither Muslim or Arab or Indian or anything else. No culture accepts rape, just within some societies there is higher prevalence of it because there are less effective mechanisms to educate that it can't be allowed and few mechanisms of prevention.
Asylum seekers in Australia are kept on an Island for the most part... an island without elevators... when they are integrated into community, they have passed various challenges of refuge claims among others and the instance of these people raping anyone is miniscule... sensationalised when it does occur because marginalising refugees is currently popular with the electorate. So much more wrong with your comment... you're entitled to your view but your view is founded on presumptions and ignorance so please don't spread it.

There are gangs of every race and origin. You do know that Australia was started as a penal colony, right? Yes a colony for convicts.

Hi Preston, diversity and interracial relationships is something you will need to deal with. You should learn to read what people say instead of being triggered into your own assumptions by a single word. Travel more, love more and hate less. Do you even have a job to have time to spit so much bitterness and hate? You should have some good craic in your life...

I am a Native Dutch speaker and I don't look Dutch in your idea of what a Dutch person should look like, it is in fact a nationality ( you didn't disappoint me in your reaction I have to say lol) I haven't stated in the comment that I AM Dutch, but if I did so, it's my right to self identify. I am very proud of who I am and where I come from and while I am writing this I know I "can't be arsed" as the English would say with anything else you have to say.

Ohw and probably you've misread "good craic" for something else than it is haha! If you have some Irish- American friends (got to love immigration right!) they will explain what that is. How's the weather at your end by the way? Here in Dublin, Ireland we had a nice, sunny weekend, Good craic! ( Yes this Native Dutch speaker lives in Ireland and in fact works for an American Company) Good night & keep well.

Eoin, your definitely an African, I don't care if you "speak Dutch" or not. As far as 'getting used to interracial relationships' ('single parent broken down family' is a more accurate definition), I'll take the route of preserving my race and history, thank you. This isn't 1969 anymore, you "diversities" and your self hating white Leftists allies need to understand that the white man and our countries aren't your dumping grounds anymore. Your failed multiculturalist experiment of yesteryear is on life support. The radical Left is more desperate now than ever (hence the obsession with bringing more Third World parasites in record numbers to replace the White race in our own nations), as they know they can't rely on us to support their cancerous agenda any longer. They seek to replace us with ignorant refuse of the Third World who will keep them in power (Africans in particular seem to be one of their favorite parasitic immigrant/"refugee" groups).
But the sleeping white giant is waking up, and you know it:)

The gravy train is over, African!!

@ Greg : your "character" shows from the words you utter. I hope the weather is sunny and dry on your end, because you need to go outside and play a bit. Go ride your bike, run a bit, kick some cobblestone and let's talk when you've come to your senses and know the meaning of respect and the value of all people. Don't bother me before this time with this nonsense I am enjoying a nice cup of coffee, I'd suggest camomille tea for you. Take care:)


Wow, are you from the same club as @prestonwiginton:disqus? You really aren't from that day and age, are you? It's sad to know that there are people who are educated in such a perverted way.

Dear Eoin and Greg and others. You probably have been born into many different religions and nations in previous births. And you Greg might have been African or dark skin some birth too. All borders, nationalities are man made concepts and when you identify yourself with it you may start hating, separating, excluding. These are products of limited human mind. Hitler is example of monstrous problem of Ego, he was most disgusting devil of all times who possessed millions minds and inspired them for violence.
Lets not forget also how whites arrived on USA continent and how they offended Christ ad Christianity in imposing with violence themselves on others - its all man made crime. Humans even divided God, avatars and prophets into conflicting religious points of view. So much crime has been done in the name of God - do you think Allah hates anyone? Do you think Christ supported violence against others? - limited human Ego even imposes their views on God and Divine Incarnations. IS Koran 100% authentic? Prophet Mohamed could't write, is Bible authentic representation of Christ's words? Who wrote it - the ones who betrayed him? Whatever written or said is filtered through limited human mind.
As long as you identify with man made identity features you'll never know the truth. Once you can get to know that your Spirit is your essence - then you'll know truth about yourself and others. Then we'll believe into love for human kind - not nation, and love for God - not for religion. You have to know yourself through Sahaja (spontaneous) yoga (union) through awakening of Kundalini, Then we'll believe in Love for Human Kind - not for nation and Love for God - Not For Religion.

I'm not a racist but I can totally respect what this guy is saying. I have zero issue with any race wanting to keep their race/history intact, nor do I have any issue with any group of individuals who wish to marry a member of a different race (in fact I am one of these people) - sure the two are odds with each other, but each to their own. But for any country which is and has been predominantly black/asian/white, I would naturally expect the inhabitants of that country to grumble angrily if minorities 'fought for more rights'. Its identical to the gay community overstaying their welcome (in most countries, these days), with all their pro gay propaganda. They're a minority and should know their place, just like a small group of white/asian people should if they lived in Africa, say.

FWIW I'm asian brought up in the west.

you`ve made a point with the fact that minorities are becoming powerful, also with the fact that, in a way, it affects majority.... but let`s be real, majority is not alway right, democracy doesn´t work for everyone, not everybody has the intelligence to vote or decide in favor of the common well . . . . . we are a selfish race, no matter the colour or nationality

Minorities aren't always right. You're right democracies don't work for everyone, especially when it is only minorities' interests which are represented, as if they are more important.

"not everybody has the intelligence to..."

These are just dumb generalisations which make no point whatsoever. It is not even clear what you are trying to express.

"I'm not a racist but...They're a minority and should know their place, just like a small group of white/asian people should if they lived in Africa, say."

Um, you're racist. I don't care if you're Asian brought up in the west. It just means you've internalised the racism. Lie to yourself all your want but your words speak for themselves.

No I'm not. I have friends from all nations. What all of us share in common is a bare minimum respect for people around us, a lot of which happen to be the locals. Unsurprisingly. Its just called getting on.

You're far too narrow minded.

Greg, my man. Countries are arbitrary borders. They are human-made constructs. God did not come down from and say, "Ooh! I know! I shall place different ethnicities on particular stretches of land, and may they never mix!"

You are also getting to the point of desperation. When you have to use personal attacks, usually it's because your argument is weak to begin with in the first place.

Nobody cares if you are white. It doesn't make you special. Go do something actually productive with your life instead of clinging to an aspect of yourself that you played no part in actually creating.

i think the legal force of diversity although some times helping normally just creates a bigger rift between races. I was lucky to grow up the only brown / Mixed race person in a white area.. this provoked mainly curiosity but no animosity except maybe from kids my age who lets face it will always attack the different. the POLITICAL CORRECTNESS caused me more trouble than it did me favours. the same probably cannot be said for those in Ghettoised areas where colours are segregated as part of the same political correctness. when a difference is visible it is acted up. Im told the romans did so well for a period because they assimilated the different peoples they came across, perhaps this would be detrimental to culture, or perhaps we need to take pride in our culture 1st and respect our environment and those in it second preserving both our heritage and the space in which we currently develop into the person were going to be the rest of our lives.

And regards Melted crayons being a disaster? Where are u getting this? do i need to read on? Im a mix of 8 nations, 4 continents, Chinese, African, Amerindian, Dutch, French, German, Scottish, English, I was raised in Bangladesh and England, I hold identity with Guyana and Lincolnshire England but where I am is where i live and who i'm with is my family.

Whoa. What makes you think she doesn't like her own people? Her native language is Dutch. There are plenty of Dutch-speaking colonies that are full of non-white folk. Your ignorance is both amusing and astounding.

omg you are retarded

Er... Dutch first language? Perfect English second language? Strong likelihood that is Eoin IS Dutch and I expect the Dutch are therefor 'her people' - although many open-minded folk these days feel 'their people' extend well beyond their nationalities.

Preston, stop stating your opinion as fact.

1. A yellow crayon, factually, is not green. Nationalities can be quite arbitrary. I may be Australian Japanese.

2. This person never said they don't like their own people. I'm sure you think you're right all the time, but I also bet this person understands their own feelings better than you do.

Also, "Most melted crayons are disasters with medical and psychological problems." WTF? Care to cite evidence in support of that? Or would you like your defence mechanism to last that little bit longer?

Wow. Just wow. Nationality and culture are not the same as ethnicity. Ethnicity is genetic, culture is most definitely not. If you are born and raised in a culture, that's your culture. Just ask any kid of immigrant parents, they take on the culture they live in, not the one their parents were born in.

Good gods man.

Well said and I agree with you! I only don't understand why this is directed at me? I never had them confused;)

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