David Nguyen: ViViD Magazine

If you really want to feel like your photography is complete garbage, which I suggest you do every now and then, head over to LA Fashion Photographer David Nguyen's Website. Lucky for us we have a nice little BTS video from David during his recent fall fashion shoot for ViViD Magazine. Lots of natural light and scrimming for you strobe shooters :) Who knows, maybe we can see more of David working Behind the Scenes down the road!

ViViD Magazine Fall 2010 Photoshoot from Matt Rodgers on Vimeo.

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Martin Jensen's picture

Dang nice!
great music for this BTS too..

been looking for the song / band. apparently they're a small outfit with just a facebook and myspace profile.

band/song: Colorshow - Love Machine

Thank you Patrick for the kind writeup and everyone for viewing this video.. I hope you all have enjoyed being a part of this memorable shoot and video. Looking forward to adding more videos in the near future to be featured on Fstoppers.com!!!

Daniel Johansson's picture

Great pictures and awesome choice of models!

Sorry to rain in your parade, but the pics were flat and boring, and the last 25% of the video is credits! Could have been so much better with stronger lighting.

Top notch work David. Bravo!

The use of light here is excellent but a trend of late is to post vidoes that are not behind the scenes in the original fstoppers sense of the word...dont lose what made the site cool.

Patrick Hall's picture

David, the original ideal Lee and I have had with FS is to just showcase trends and knowledge in video format. We love good BTS videos of photographers working but really good ones are tough to come by sometimes. We prefer to update everyday with a little variety than just 2 or 3 times a week with only BTS videos. More of what you like is coming soon I promise :)

Von Wong's picture

This is a neat video! I totally love the styling :)
Kudos and great job on the shoot!

THere's one particular one of the dude model where he's outlined by a halo of light that I really loved !

- www.vonwong.com

The girls is really cute, but the male model looks like sh*t, he's horrible!