Do Superheroes Have Myspace Angles? Introducing the Super Selfie.

Do Superheroes Have Myspace Angles? Introducing the Super Selfie.

The dreaded Myspace Angle, a condition that has plagued countless of self portraits for years. The extended armed and high angled photos still clutter up our Facebook newsfeeds long after Myspace whittled down to music bands and glitter graphics. Is it safe to assume that even Superheroes take the time out of their busy 'saving humanity' schedules to take a selfie? Apparently they do.


Source: Tumblr


Kal-El quickly grabbed his trusty point and shoot to set-up a quick selfie while learning to fly.


Source: Deviantart (Mac0y)


I would imagine that Ironman would have a better set-up than this with all of his ingenuity, but when stranded in the middle of the ocean sometimes all you have is a cardboard box.






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If you want to learn more about the condition known as the 'Myspace Angles' check out this short film (NSFW): Myspace the Movie (NSFW)

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Funny! :D

could have been funny, but sadly...

Adam T's picture

Everyone knows that superheros use jimmy Olsen for all their photos. How else is a paper photog able to make a living.

Ummm The superhero Selfie started with Spider-man forever ago thats how peter parker got his job with the bugle as a photographer he was always able to get photos of spidey!

So stupid. Stop posting stupid articles like Petapixel.

aaand yet you are reading them. So who exactly is stupid?

Everybody knows that "the-Chuck-Norris-of Photograhy": Mr. Ken Rockwell took all of the above!

Emil Nyström's picture

The Iron Man one is fake, we all know he'd have one of his suits take the picture.

I wonder where superman puts his smartphone when his done with it...