Double Exposure: What Happens When Exposing The Same Film (Or CF) Twice

Double Exposure: What Happens When Exposing The Same Film (Or CF) Twice

Double Exposure is something most of us who ever had a film camera experienced at least once. By accident. It happened when the film got stuck, or when we used a used film again by mistake. With the digital age coming in and replacing film, in-camera double exposures became a very rare kind of photography, but in recent years, many DSLRs added the option to create a double exposure in camera, and this old style came back to life. Check out these great examples of Double Exposure found on Flickr.

To create in-camera double exposure, just find the "Multiple Exposure" option under the 'Camera' sub-menu, in both Canon and Nikon cameras. Set it to capture 2 images, and take your shots. Very simple with great and creative results. Creating double exposure in post processing is as easy: Basically all you have to do is to add 2 images to 2 different layer, and set the top one to 'screen' blending mode.

Ever shot a double exposure or created one in Photoshop? share the results on our Facebook Group.

Double Exposures
Photo: DigitalRev.

Photo: Amamak Photography.

[self portrait]
Photo: Taylor Marie McCormick.

Photo: Amamak Photography.

Photo: Sarah Ann Loreth.

Paul Maxwell
Photo: Stephen Criscolo.

long live the weeds and the wilderness yet.
Photo: Jessica Neuwerth.

One Hundred Forty Two [142/365]
Photo: Catherina Rocío.

"He who trims himself to suit everyone will soon whittle himself away."---Raymond Hull
Photo: EleanorRigby236.

Photo: Jeremy Snell.

Photo: Alessandro Reginato.

rocky mountain high
Photo: Clare.

Photo: Marissa Bolen.

Photo: Marissa Bolen.

about me
Photo: mizulys.

Photo: Ruby James.

Photo: Julian Vassallo.

self portrait
Photo: Michal Beer.

Photo: Guilherme Pavan.

Double Exposure, Self Portrait - Paris
Photo: Chris Bailey.

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Nicholas Gonzalez's picture


Michael Miller's picture

Love stuff like this.

It's got me thinking. Love it.

Stephen J Cameron's picture

These are great

Drazen B.'s picture

Thanks for a reminder, this is been around from the film days indeed. We just need a kick in the backside every now and again to remind us of this wonderful creative part of a day to day photography.

I also experimented double layering and blending in Photoshop with two discrete photos, but it never gave me even a near level of satisfaction I got when I did it on the manually rewound film I already exposed, or with multi-exposure function in my D200 and D700.

Tam Nguyen's picture

These pictures are surreal!

Chase Anthony's picture

Ha. I see what you did there.

Jason Vinson's picture

i love double exposures! i just wish i had a camera that would do it... just one more reason to trade in the X100 for the new X100S

Malte's picture

this is the most idiotic thing i read this morning

Jason Vinson's picture

How so??

Sage Justice's picture

You can do it with Photoshop - you don't need a camera capable of doing it.

Jason Vinson's picture

There is a big difference between throwing a couple images into photoshop and actually composing and shooting an image in camera.

Sebastian Rojas's picture

How so, are you stating that people who use photoshop have no idea on how to compose a photo? Wasting money on something you can do in post, is the most idiotic thing that I have heard of.

Chase Anthony's picture

Some people are traditionalists and prefer to say "let's get it in camera". Some people are modernists and prefer to say, "we'll do it in post". It's basically the canon vs. nikon debate. I prefer my way/camera more than your way/camera.

Jason Vinson's picture

Agreed! and i would never call someone an idiot for wanting to do something one way over another.

Chase Anthony's picture

Also Sebastian, you're putting words in his mouth. Don't be like one of those wives that instigate an argument, i.e.,

Husband: "I just need you to keep a closer eye on the kids when they're playing outside"

Wife: "Are you saying I'm a bad mother?"

Jason Vinson's picture

well i never said that it was the only reason for wanting to upgrade. i said it was "one more reason"... and I'm of the mind that i would much rather get something done in camera then do it in post. its faster and more enjoyable for me. If you would rather do this sort of thing in post, then by all mean, do it in post. I would never call you an idiot for wanting to do so. Do you find it idiotic to buy black and white film these days? tons of people still shoot film, and tons of people shoot black and white film, even though you can do it in post. the new Leica M, an all black and white digital camera... why not turn the photo black and white in post? because people get joy out of shooting photography and get joy out of getting what they want right in camera. i would never buy an all black and white camera, but im not going to judge someone who does.

Larry Clay's picture

Most, if not all of these photos were done in Photoshop using blending. Even in the days of film these type of photos were usually done in the darkroom. Half of these photos can't even be done in camera.

Dix's picture

Look like you need to read what is called double exposure. May be your camera cant do it. But I am pretty sure mine can.

Larry Clay's picture

I know very well what double exposure is and have done it both with film as well as digital. My point is that I can due it faster, easier and better with Photoshop and two or more photos using blending techniques. Many of the photos above, if done in camera, would require far more time in editing then to do them with separate photos.

Ruby James's picture

I took the fourth photo up from the bottom, and I did it all in camera with film. :) A lot of us do take the time to try and make them turn out well.

Andrea Wilkinson's picture

There is only three true double exposures.
I use double exposure all the time in an slr and dslr.
This is just sad, its all photoshop.

koferk's picture

difference is, with film its a s-u-m of 2 exposures while in-digital-camera/photoshop they always use average and not sum.. see
seems like no body care about this.. weird

Michal Beer's picture

i don't know why you all think it's photoshopped, my photo in this post was took directly from the camera. try to do it too, it's fun and easy