Jeremy Cowart Explains Photography To Chase Jarvis

After starting off as a graphic designer, Jeremy Cowart stepped onto the photography scene with a sink or swim mentality. I love the series Chase Jarvis is doing over at Creative Live with real photographers, and this one with Jeremy is top notch. Chase definitely subscribes to our mentality of sharing knowledge freely, and I think you can learn a lot from this video whether you are a professional photographer or just someone who enjoys it as a hobby. I almost did not post this because the audio at the beginning is really rough on the speakers so be forewarned. Also while you are watching this video, head over to Jeremy's website to see a wide variety of images within his portfolio.

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if you follow Chase you can normally catch these live.

well worth taking the time to enjoy this discussion.

George Popescu's picture

Was very cool to listen to this, i'm glad they didn't get technical and it was also interesting to see that you do need kick ass work to get work, not just an agent, lots of people don't realize this.

very cool chat long long time but worth it hehe...

Jeremy Cowart is very interesting and had a lot to share about creativity and about photography as a business, however, I would have like to have heard more from him. Chase... your interviewing skills would be even better if you listened more and talked less. But, your good, you could just be better.