[Photos] These Puddle Portraits By Photographer Ira Fox Are Unbelievable

[Photos] These Puddle Portraits By Photographer Ira Fox Are Unbelievable

If you thought Jasper James's City Silhouettes were crazy wait until you see Ira Fox's Puddle Portraits. Using the natural reflections caused by rain puddles, Ira has captured the world in an interesting yet pyschodelic way. The results are one of a kind, and it just goes to show how thinking outside the box can pay off in a big way!

via Ira Fox

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Benicio Murray's picture

I like how she got the puddles crammed full of people but this is certainly not a unique idea.

Mark Kauzlarich's picture

Using a reflection is a known device for photographers going back say... since photography began. Certainly not a unique idea, I would argue, goes without saying.

That being said, these are quite interesting.

Beautiful images

Do I need a special filter to do the same photo?
Thank you

Benicio Murray's picture

point your camera at a puddle and focus on the reflection.

Todd Davidson Photo's picture

beautiful.  great perspective  

I find it quite funny that many great photographers take images in reflections, and it isn't linked across the interwebs. 

One okay photographer makes a full set of them, and suddenly it's revolutionary.  Hah.  I don't even think these images are as good as everyone implies they are. 

Just go spend a day taking pictures of puddles.  Boom, fad met.

How's that taste?

i like 

Matthieu Olivier's picture

If you enjoy this kind of photos, you can also check out on the "wicked Reflectas" flickr gallery. He did over 2000 puddle photos since 2006 at Amsterdam. He is very good at this. 


didn't she use a polarizing filter to create a better reflection?

A polarizer would actually take away some of the reflection.

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very cool

Really cool

This is nice! 

pretty cool, now i know what to shoot when its wet outside.

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works pretty well for video as well! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AH-aFsO8E40

Like this perspective!