Sometimes Wrinkles Can Look Awesome In Your Photos

Sometimes Wrinkles Can Look Awesome In Your Photos

As photographers/retouchers, we sometimes tend to remove any wrinkle, spots, or stray hair we can see on the subject we photographed. We consider it as a distraction, as something that make our images look less professional. But sometimes that's not the case. Check out this collection of great portraits of old people. In some cases, the wrinkles are even edited to look even bolder and stronger - and it works. Old people can be great models, and create very moody and interesting images.

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Cika Milan - Dragan Effect
Photo: Aragian Marko.

Old Mursi tribe man Ethiopia
Photo: Eric Lafforgue.

.. Looking for the other half: Bruno ..
Photo: Roberta Facchini

Photo: Memo Vasquez.

old man grumbling ...
Photo: Dietmar Temps.

Amadeu, 83 years old - Gone for ever.
Photo: Gérald Verdon.

Photo: Alvarictus.

Old hamar woman Ethiopia
Photo: Eric Lafforgue.

Photo: Sean Wakefield.

Grandpa part 2.
Photo: Dorien Coremans.

The gorgeous smile.
Photo: Jessie YYG.

Photo: Tommy Ga-Ken Wan.

Photo: Portraits : Daedalus (V).

The grumpy grandpa
Photo: Mareen Fischinger.

Photo: Prasenna Sundar.

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Notice one thing, they're all of elderly people where wrinkles and blemishes are natural and that is what we see everyday so we are expecting it. Now try it with a relatively younger person who developed wrinkles earlier... I bet it won't be as aesthetically pleasing then.

The first shot has real power and dignity 

Interesting how all these shots (except for 1, I think) are of men.  Wrinkles are beautiful in photos! . . . If they're on elderly men . . .