The Amazing Detail of Miss Aniela's Kai Face

Here is a gorgeous photo from Miss Aniela. She was commissioned by the Kai Mayfair restaurant in London to create a photo that embodied Chinese culture. Upon first inspection, she has nailed the topic wonderfully. But closer look shows the amazing level of detail, with hours of editing, spanning hundreds of years of ancient Chinese paintings.

The video above shows just how much work went into creating such a unique and interesting piece of art.  The entire photoshop process spanned for over 3 months, as the final project is set to be printed at a scale of over 6 feet tall. In order to maintain that level of quality and detail, the entire project was shot using a Phase One 645DF with IQ160 back.


Check out Miss Aniela's blog for more information, and her website for even more of her truly unique work.
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Thanks Zach,

The image was also shot with a Phase One 120mm AF Macro f/4.0

All the features - eyes, nose, mouth etc were shot individually in super fine
detail and stitched together. This keeps the resolution crystal clear and pin
sharp even at the scale it will be printed. It is a shame that the YouTube
compression loses much of the clarity, but hey you guys will pop into the Kai
Mayfair to see it in it's true glory!

I believe it will be hung mid March.

Dennis Katinas's picture

I didn't see dead Tibetan people, but besides that, looks very nice work, amazing detail.

Stefan Parol's picture

Forget about those Tibetians- can`t find Jackie Chan in there:-D

Tough luck Tibet, you were conquered.  Be happy your masters leave your more or less in peace.  To China: sorry about the people who have never lived there but want to tell you what to do.  When Canada gives back 95% of its land to the natives, then you can give back Tibet.

Sandro Sandrini's picture

@stevenash667:disqus two wrongs do not make one right

I'm nitpicky about skin retouching and most of unpainted skin area on this photo is blured. It's not good. The painted parts are amazing of course, but the cheeks look horrible to me. It might be a question of style, but I like my skins full of details (retouched, but with all the details).

 I can assure you the skin is not "blurred" Viktor.
The pores of the skin and everything else are crisp and clear as day on the main file.
This is a huge file that has been reduced and compressed for Youtube and Web so there has been a massive loss of quality. Hence the banding on the outside of the video etc. Not mention this image has been grabbed and "smart sharped" by the looks of it. Maybe you should consider these things before you use language like "horrible".

Well, Matt, the skin on the video looks horrible in 1080p full screen. I did not say that the actual image was retouched using blur, that maybe full of details as long as I am concerned. However, I can only say things based on this video, and based on this video the cheeks look horrible to me. That's it, nothing more.

Yes, I agree. It's as if there's a "haze" effect, I don't think it's the video quality doing that, I think it's a choice. The preview image in the article suffers from bad JPG-artifacting and seems oversharpened too. :S

Sad isn't it Viktor & Tobias? Maybe we should start a Facebook page to complain to FB, Google (Youtube) and Adobe (Flash Player), that their software engineers are creating compression algorithms which ruin so many good images.

It's creepy. The poor girl looks like she's been embalmed.

Sandro Sandrini, What wrongs?  Tibet has been part of China since the 1600s.  "Giving it back" (to whom, exactly?) is not an option.  I am tired of people repeating stupid mantras like "Free Tibet" when they have never lived in China and know absolutely nothing about the country or the culture.

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mmm, not the best place to discuss it. but i wonder if tibetans think the same as you think, and those 99 tibetans who burned themselves. can you imagine how oppressed you should be to burn yourself for a freedom? what culture are we talking about in this situation?
its like saying that u.s.a. is originally a british colonies, so why don`t we make it british back again just  because its history?

anyway, the kai face is amazing! and its commercial work that is executed amazingly! gosh, i want that 160 back :)