Ben Willmore Teaches Light Painting Tips For Photographers

As photographers, we are always sculpting our images with light. But if you've seen any of the light painting posts here on Fstoppers, then you know just how complex the art of light painting can get. Photographer Ben Willmore has been using small constant lights in his images for years, and now he's offering a free online workshop for anyone wanting to learn the craft. On Saturday, August 25th, Ben will be giving away all his tips and tricks for free on creativeLIVE.

Ben Willmore actually has two workshops this week over at creativeLIVE. I've detailed both below

Photoshop For Photographers:

The first workshop Ben is hosting this week is Photoshop for Photographers. This course looks like it is going to be an intro to photoshop where Ben will teach basic techniques like exposure, contrast, selective sharpening, and color adjustment, HDR, and Black and White conversions. It should be a great place to start if you are just getting into photography. If you are already proficient with Photoshop, you might enjoy seeing how another photographer tackles the most common techniques in fresh, new way. Photoshop for Photographers starts Wednesday, August 22nd and ends on Friday, August 24th. If you miss the workshop, you can download it for $99 or preorder it now for $79 before it airs.

Light Painting:

After wrapping up his Photoshop for Photographers class, Ben will teach photographers all his light painting techniques on Saturday, August 25th. In this workshop, Ben will discuss lighting partial subjects, drawing light trails, creating spiral effects, and how to color your light sources. As always, Light Painting with Ben Willmore is free to watch LIVE, but if you miss it you can download the workshop for only $49.99 (or pre order it for $29.99).
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