[BTS Video] On Location In SC With Tim Macpherson

It's crazy to compare todays advertising campaign's to those of 30 years ago. They are becoming more involved, creative and technically advanced than we could have ever imagined. In this video, Photographer Tim Macpherson takes us behind the scenes on the new campaign for the fabric company 'Sunbrella' which was shot and filmed in South Carolina! While this video lacks technical information, it is still really awesome to see how much planning and time it took just to film and shoot one simple scene. 
A clip of the final product below.

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José Tomás Tocino's picture

God I hate stop-motions.

I like the stills (it shows a couple being used as adverts...)
I like the idea...

I don't understand why it's been done as a stop-motion.   I find the jumpiness really distracting.   especially since in the clip you've put on, it would have been quicker and easier just to film it...