Combine Multiple Exposures To Maximize a Landscape Photo's Potential

Ok so many of you will not be fond of this technique. That is totally your preference. But for those of you who like good HDR photos, the guys are PHLEARN show a method that will teach you a method to get faux-HDR final images that will make some of your images go from good to great.



For the full tutorial, head on over to PHLEARN and while you're there, don't forget to check out their Pro Tutorials.

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welcome to 5 years ago

Fstoppers... on top of the broken news.

"Ok so many of you will not be fond of this technique"... a brilliant way to start old news.

If there is one thing I have learned about Photoshop, it is this: It keeps you humble. You can work for years using it and think you know everything then one day someone shows you another technique— an older, 'obvious' technique— and it opens up a whole new way of working to you.

I didn't get much out of this technique, but that doesn't mean this won't be the first time someone else has seen it, or someone won't get something out of seeing this particular artist use these particular techniques on this particular photo.

Congratulations you knew about these techniques before this. So what? How does that deep insight add anything to this? How does that help other photographers?

Or were you just trying to say that you listened to that band before they were popular?

Upvote for relevant user name.

Well, did you share these techniques 5 years ago to an entire community who would greatly benefit from this?

I like the original more



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+4, the original is my personal preference. Michael (the person who took the picture) knows what he's doing...

here's the larger version of his version:

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+5 before: good contrasts, natural colors. After: shitty contrasts, fake-video-game colors! (iam still looking for a good example of HDR use btw...)

Thanks a lot Brian, I appreciate that

Thanks for all the kind words guys. Glad you like the original :)

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because you are a hipster?

Haha yes. I like an image that looks less processed and more realistic because I am apparently a hipster :D Although if you took the time to find me on flickr you would see I went through a little period of HDR in my early photo taking journey and have come away not liking it as much. With that being said, I would argue that the original image is nothing even remotely close to what would be considered "hipster" in look. Thanks Karl for the steller input!

Am I the only one who prefer the "Before" image?

Honestly, I don't care much for Aaron Nace's work, at least what I have seen in tutorials. It usually seems pushed to the point of hyper-real.

However, that is personal taste, and the techniques can't be faulted. He knows what he is doing, and he might just be exaggerating the effect for the tut. I still check out every tutorial he puts up because there is always something to take out of it.

I have seen a lot of his tutorials. He uses finished images sent to him. He says outright that he isn't trying to improve them. He is just trying to show alternatives and different processes.

Also he puts out multiple 10+min free tutorials per week. Plus he does "pro"tutorials. Statistically he is going to produce some dud images with that output.

I appreciate what Aaron is doing. Like the final result or not, the process that he takes you through often teaches a lot... and for free.

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Nope, I too prefer the original one , the after image looks

Thanks a lot. Glad you like my original :)

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Oh can't you just shut the f*** and be happy that you get fed with free tutorial videos?
And if you don't like it, know it or just are a grumpy bumm, have a snickers and quit typing.

Fstoppers is not giving "free tutorials", PHLEARN is. Fstoppers is just linking to other people's work.

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And that has anything to do with my comment because...?

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P.S. we post lots of "free tutorials" that we the writers do ourselves. You must not come by often.

I found some techniques that were new for me. Thank you!

I think that people that complain forget one simple thing - there are a lot of people right this moment that are very new to photoshop, and this tutorial just taught them a valuable lesson. I personally think that Phlearn and Aaron are doing great job educating people and I personally learned from them a lot while already having quite a bit of knowledge in Photohsop.

Ha! "IF we're shooting in raw." Psssshhhh!

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Haters gonna hate, but I must say that, as a relative newcomer to Photoshop but a fairly skilled photographer, videos like these are indispensable. They are to the point and they have a point. I really enjoy these and learn a ton from them. Keep up the good work!

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All image processing, and images themselves, are a matter of taste. You either like the style or you don't. Personally I like both versions, because they each offer different visual perspectives. One is not better than the other, only different. The technique involved may or may not help your image-making. If you've seen this technique before, be thankful for the reminder, instead of acting like some smarmy hipster, which ultimately just makes you look like an asshole.