A Habit of Gravity Defying Photography

Li Wei has earned his way to recognition in China through his trademark gravity defying images. This video, recently featured by the Creators Project, gives a little behind the scenes glimpse of how Li Wei was inspired to pursue his aerial stunts and how his creative ideas have reflected the quickly changing culture and country around him.

While Li Wei is the idea man behind these images, he also is usually the primary subject in the final product. To see more of his work, check out his website. Make sure to find the pictures of the hovering monks.


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It's very good, his concepts are very creative and the fact that he's doing most live and not photoshop speaks volumes about his dedication to his craft.

Elliott Montello's picture

Any one got any idea how he is doing that shot at 10 seconds in? its not a VFX shot.

Nicolas Di Trapani's picture

he puts his head trough a hole in a mirror. 

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