How To Create Spectacular Highlights In Photoshop

If you're looking for a way to really make your highlights stand out in your images, look no further; PHLEARN has released a new Photoshop tutorial dealing with accentuating highlights.  Using Levels, Channels and Layer Masks in Photoshop PHLEARN shows how you can take highlights to the next level and make your images just a little more brilliant and detailed. Also, free 'Brownie points' to anyone who can guess what is used to create the slick effect on the model in the photo. 


Original Photo ©Simon Dien

Can you guess what she's covered in?

You can read more about this tutorial HERE.

Also, take the time to browse PHLEARN's extensive library of professional tutorials.

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Jay Lessard's picture

Does it rhyme with demon, whizz, or some?

Rebecca Britt's picture

Ewww.. pervy boy. NO! *slaps hand*

Jaron Schneider's picture

I would guess glycerine or vaseline. 

Rebecca Britt's picture

Maybe Vaseline... I would think glycerine would burn her eyes.


EnticingHavoc's picture

In case something evaded me ... what's soooooo grrrrreat about performing the most basic dodge&burn step ?
What comes next ? The Ultimate Color Boost (!!!). = Crank up the saturation slider until your eyes hurt. Wow !!
C'mon guys I bet you can do better.

Rebecca Britt's picture

While there was dodging and burning done to the original high key image that isn't what the tutorial is about. It's about bringing out highlights and more detail. Did you even bother watching the video??

EnticingHavoc's picture

Unfortunately I watched the whole vid eagerly waiting for some cool new tricks. And all I got was some basic technique instead of something that brings me (or my highlights) "to the next level". I mean creating a luminosity mask is not what I would call breathtaking.

Voodoo Basstard's picture

"Hey guys :) So cool to have my image featured at phlearn! The goo is vaseline as you I guess i now owe you a phlearn-pro..." - Simon DeinLink: