Tutorial on Creating a Realistic Underwater Scene from Stock Images

Based on what we've published in the past, I think it's safe to say you guys really appreciate detailed tutorials showing how to make impressive composite scenes. My buddy at TutsPlus just showed me this amazing composition and I just had to share it. The artist combined 23 stock images to make one fantastic underwater scene.

The final image is below, and the step by step tutorial (which is extremely detailed) can be found over at PSD.TustsPlus. What do you think? Going to give it a shot?

final composite underwater scene how to make a composite fstoppers

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Ale Vidal's picture


It looks great, but it is not at all "realistic"

In this case, realistic would be pretty boring. But I see your point...

Obviously this is not realistic, this is fantasy. Kudo's to the artist for having a creative imagination.

Not at all "realistic" but it's cool.

Erik Tande's picture

This is gorgeous, love it!

enormous birds

or a very tiny ship... ;)