Free Prints From Your Facebook and Instagram Feeds, Automatically!

Free Prints From Your Facebook and Instagram Feeds, Automatically!

The other day my brother told me about 2 of his friends, Stephen Potter and Jackson Stephens, that have created a very cool service called Prints Forever. Prints Forever sends you prints from your Facebook and/or Instagram feed and mails them to you automatically! For the next few months the service is in beta mode and they are sending out prints free of charge to everyone that signs up, no strings attached. Click through to the post for the registration link. Enjoy!

Register online FOR FREE at

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Matthew Guss's picture

 Looks interesting, I'll spread the word.

Archie Campbell's picture

Need a service like this in the UK. 

BDWT's picture

USA only. Bummer.

Corey Melton's picture

sorry, I will edit it to let everyone know its USA only

lisacng @'s picture

I signed up. Let's see how the quality is.

Corey Melton's picture

yeah, I am curious to see that as well. Printing from Facebook's compressed images most likely will be a bit so-so, but I know for a fact my wife will love this. So would my mom, daughter, grandmother, etc

I think ironing out those kind of details is pretty much the point of this beta :P

Syman St's picture

Corey, way to wipe that brow and post a less controversial post :) ... I almost jumped out to defend you... almost.

Stephen Potter's picture

Founder here.

Thanks so much for the awesome mention Corey.  And everyone who signed up, I love you and I'm excited to deliver your free photos.  First, we are lifting the US-only restriction.  The site will be updated soon and if you are outside the US and want to be alerted when you can sign up, please email me at steve[at] (sorry disqus doesn't allow email addresses) and I'll put you on the list.  

As Corey mentioned, this is probably not for hardcore people just yet.  Printing from Facebook's copy will be enough for many people but more needs to be done.  And we will do it eventually.  For now we need to launch quickly and use the beta to figure out the best way to proceed.

Thank you all for the amazing support.  You rule!

Angela Jugon's picture

Just signed up! Can't wait to see the results and give feedback :)

Christopher Mims's picture

Boycott coreys posts. Yeah i said it. Look at his last post before this one.

Julianne Weimer's picture

This is great!