Is Reflectance Printing Here To Stay?

In this scientific project, a group of researchers decided to find a way to make normal 2D prints react to light the same way 3D objects react to it. As you can see it works really great, but the photo quality is still not so good. I'm sure that with some more research and development it will get much better. This can change the way we print and see physical pictures the same way Lytro Changed the way people take pictures.

What do you think? Is this the future of printing?

To read more about this project and the technology behind it click here.

Via solsticevisuals

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I could see this and Lytro coming together

Michael Murphy's picture

lighting from the photographer's standpoint would probably have to change dramatically. We'd have to start embracing on camera flash not to give too much depth as the depth and shadows would need to be produced post print. crazy. 

Adam's picture

And even then the real trick would be printing onto paper that has these kinds of dots at the resolution of the printer's dpi...where the printer could accurately place ink dots on the paper's dots in proper alignment. That would be a print!

James Robertson's picture

How did lytro change the way people change pictures at all? I haven't heard a thing about it since it came out and definitely haven't seen anyone online using them or the same technology for anything.

Michael Delman's picture

Lytro changed the way we take pictures?  I must have missed that.

Noam Galai's picture

if you take pictures with Lytro it did. 
and it changed the way companies think, for sure. this is a very important technology that will effect the industry in the long run