Behind The Scenes On The 2011 Maybelline Calendar

Each year Maybelline creates a limited edition calendar featuring crazy concepts and wild makeup. This year the cosmetic brand teamed up with photographer Kenneth Willardt to produce some very vibrant images. Make sure you head over to Kenneth's commercial section of his website to view a bunch of the images. His ability to light a set is worth taking note as well as the overall production they put into these images.

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Roy Patton's picture

looks like a crazy fun shoot...

I was on set for this shoot having a quick meeting with Kenneth between shots, and let me tell you this man is a genius when it comes to lighting. What you saw on the techs monitor is basically what you see once the images where retouched. The set what something to behold. On the largest stage at Pier59 studios he had 4 closed sets going at once. About 4 42" LCD TV showing a selection of images from the current setup being edited live by the digital tech, and a huge Projection floating above the set with the same video feed. A DJ was on set as well to keep things lively. The entire shoot was shot with Profoto, and I saw a mix of video cameras from 5DMK II to large ENG cameras doing the BTS. Kenneth Paints with light like very few can. Thanks F-Stoppers for posting this.

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