BlackRapid Works with Nikon to Release Quick-Draw Straps

BlackRapid Works with Nikon to Release Quick-Draw Straps

"Nikon Corporation is pleased to announce the release of the Quick-Draw Strap and the Quick-Draw Strap S, two new products developed in cooperation with world-renowned American camera accessory manufacturer, BlackRapid." That's right!  Nikon is going to be pushing a new strap into the photography market. This is pretty exciting, minus the fact that I finally just bought my BlackRapid.

After seeing this announcement I thought to myself that it was pretty cool that Nikon was ready to start focusing on a nicer strap.  I dislike the basic straps that come default with your DSLR. On a long wedding day of 8-12 hours of shooting, I start getting rug burn looking marks around my neck from hanging my camera. About 3 months ago I finally got a BlackRapid strap as a gift for Christmas and I must say, these style straps make a HUGE difference.

With my BlackRapid strap I am able to just clip my camera in and let it hang when I am not using it. It sits right about at my pocket level and is fully adjustable to hang wherever else you want. This makes it easy to grab for any quick bind you might be in to get a photo. I love my BlackRapid strap so if these Nikon straps are anything like it, they will be a must have item for everyone.

nikon-quick-draw-strapNikon is coming out with a total of 2 different straps. The Quick-Draw and the Quick-Draw Strap S. Both straps were developed with the quick-draw straps invented by BlackRapid founder, Ron Henry. Nikon says that after basing the development of their new straps off the Ron Henry's design, they refined the straps "to offer even greater convenience."

The new straps from Nikon will allow a lot more mobility with a new mechanism that lets the camera slide diagonally up and down the shoulder strap. The camera will be hanging upside down as the camera's tripod socket is utilized to let it hang. There will also be an under-arm tether which will hold the strap in place. This safety like strap will prevent the camera from falling in the very rare event of the fastener coming loose. To top off the quick-draw straps there will be a cover to prevent the carabiner that connects the camera into the strap from scratching the camera body.


According to Nikon, the Quick-Draw Strap is made with a larger shoulder pad and will be suited for use with DSLR cameras. The Quick-Draw Strap S will have a more narrow should pad which will be suited for use with Nikon 1 advanced cameras with interchangeable lenses and other Nikon COOLPIX compact cameras.

[via Nikon]

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Dylon York's picture

We've been using the Luma Labs Cinch that already does all of these things.

Fritz John Asuro's picture

It is obvious that you haven't tried using a Blackrapid strap. Once you go Black(rapid) you'll never go back.

Too much plastic in BR straps for my liking, I really didn't like the mounting / hanging method and found the straps have no flex. I only shoot on cameras with battery grips and prefer they hang from the strap connectors on the right hand side and not the tripod mount - so made my own. BR straps are good - they are not perfect however.

I currently use OpTech straps (both wrist straps and neck straps). They may not have the "rapid" approach, but the neck strap is made of Neoprene, which keeps the strap from slipping off your shoulder. It also gives the strap plenty of stretch, so that you don't feel the camera jerking on your shoulder as you walk.

Austin Rogers's picture

I use a Luma too. I like the ability to attach the strap at two points (camera left and tripod socket). Plus it's solid black and has no branding, I definitely didn't want something that would draw too much attention.

Chris Helton's picture

Made my own sling style strap. They're really easy to do, and no need in spending $60.

I love these Black Rapid straps. I have forever wanted to get them for my bodies. But I'm amazed they haven't yet figured out a solution for portrait photographers who shoot primarily in portrait mode. The giant lug that protrudes from the tripod socket is a big no-no for me. If anyone knows a similar strap system that gets around this, I would love to hear about it!

I replaced the screw of the R-Strap with this one:

Haven't had much to shoot with it yet, but the design is a lot lower and more comfortable for shooting in portrait orientation.

Do you use a battery grip? I have placed a strap with clip (taken from a Kata camera strap) through the mounts on the right side to take care of this. It provides a hand strap and also has a small carabiner like clip that I use to attach to my home brew version of a BR style strap (also based on the Kata reflex-e strap [discontinued now and replaced by "KT DL-C-STRAP" ] - neoprene strap with the webbing section coming from a shoulder strap taken off a random sports bag)

In a world where people are constantly afraid of getting their gear stolen, I hardly think that adding a bright yellow bit to a strap is a great idea. Also, you can already buy very similar versions of these straps, so at best you're just letting people know what kind of expensive camera is on the end of your expensive strap. At worst, your paying extra to do that. Fail.

Ok guys, you have to help me out with this one. Its so weird but it seems like the black rapid strap doesn't work. See the two pictures below, i really cant tell the difference. I took the first one with the black rapid attached and the second one without. Don't know what more i can do :( i was really hoping for more jobs and a boost in my picture quality.