New Phone Case Allows for Sneakier Photos

Have you ever wanted to be invisible? That's the question Thomas Hurst, creator of COVR Photo, is asking. COVR Photo is an iPhone case with a sliding prism that, when slid into position, allows the photographer to take photos without being obvious.

Hurst has worked as a photographer for 20 years, winning three World Press Photo Awards and shooting for The New York Times, The Boston Globe and others (his work is absolutely outstanding by the way). It's this experience that helped him to envision a camera that, in today's world, would be mostly ignored. It's a photojournalist's dream.

Let's be honest, people change when they are aware of a camera. Which makes this such a clever idea. I have to admit I'm intrigued at the prospect of being able to stealthily capture photos. I would love to see this in practice. Unfortunately, I do worry that it some people could fail to see the potential of this and immediately dismiss it on account of their own prurient interests.

What do you think? Do you like the idea? How do you feel about the execution?

Or do you think this will do more harm then good?

Check out the Kickstarter for COVR Photo.

Via Reddit

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Thierry Lyles's picture

Reminds me of this gig over on IndieGoGo that uses a mirror attached in front of the camera to get sneaky shots:

Mark Kelly's picture

Would be great if it folds flat when not in use

Gregory L'Esperance's picture

I've practiced shooting 'from the hip' for many years with film cameras (specifically the Olympus XA) which has a no lag shutter, but have had trouble using digital due to the time lag factor inherent in the focus/exposure feature in the shutter mechanism. I guess I wish there was a digital version of the XA, or just a no lag shutter digital (maybe there is, but I just don't know it), 'cause although being able to compose surreptitiously through the viewfinder is great, there's something about just 'winging it' by estimation, and the angle of view is often somehow more unexpected and therefore pleasing in its own right.

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tristan lamour's picture

I've had the same problem for a while. Then I started using the AE/AF lock on my iPhone 5s and greatly reduces the lag time.

David Dvir's picture

I like it, except I would really prefer it to be in landscape...

Anonymous's picture

That's brilliant! I probably won't buy one, but it's still an awesome idea!

Michael Murphy's picture

I dig it. Some may see as a bit creeper/stalker ish but as a photographer, not being noticed is sometimes a big part of what we do.
I'll use wedding photographers as an example. Does the great wedding photographer blend in or stand out like a sore thumb? I don't think the experienced photographer wants to draw more attention than the bride?

I'm all for it!!!! Count me in.

tomwilson's picture

Next level Upskirt pix now :P?