Now You Can Wear Pantone Around Your Neck

Now You Can Wear Pantone Around Your Neck

Do you really, REALLY love Pantone? Did you forget to send your all important retoucher a gift this holiday? Do you have some Christmas money left over that you want to blow on your beloved Pantone? Check out the new Perfect Matching Scarf. This collection of 6 scarves will leave you set for life to match any outfit you could ever wear. Also, you will look like a moron. Enjoy!

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These. Are. Awesome. 

Rodrigo Ambrosio's picture

Look like a moron? nice piece of article (not),

Trevor Dayley's picture

"Also, you will look like a moron." Best sales pitch ever. Hilarious Corey.

I wouldn't wear a scarf that had the letters "PMS" at the end...

These would be for graphic designers and artists, not photographers. I think they're cute and you wouldn't look like a moron. And if someone thought so and didn't get the joke, then they are the moron. With that said, I wouldn't wear one simply because it's just not my style. But if I saw one, I would laugh and tell them, "cool scarf!"