Wacom Refreshes Their Tablet Lineup With The Intuos And Intuos Pro

With a recent update, Wacom has decided to drop the name 'Bamboo' from their lineup. Instead, it is now simply called the Intuos. It comes with a new product to replace the old Bamboo lineup. Secondly, the previously known Intuos will now be called the Intuos Pro. They also have modified the design a bit. In addition, they have also released a special edition Intuos Pro.

The newly named Intuos lineup comes with a newly designed tablet. Shown below, it comes in three various models, Intuos Pen, Intuos Pen and Touch, and the Intuos Manga.

The Intuos Pen starts at just $79, comes with four express keys, and delivers a great pen with a solid design. The Pen and Touch variation starts at $99 and offers multi touch support. You can also purchase a medium sized version for $199. They both offer the ability to go wireless with an additional upgrade module.


The Intuos Pro line was previously the Intuos line. It comes with a few key design adjustments such as the difference in buttons. Previously, the buttons were embedded deep in the tablet, making it harder to press. The new design seems like it is much easier to use. In contrast to the Intuos, it has many more express keys, a touch ring, and a different look and feel.

They have three variations in sizes from the small ($249), medium ($349), and large ($499).





They also have an Intuos Pro Special Edition which has a silver accent and offers a few optimal shortcuts as a bonus.


Although this was just a short run down of the recent news, you can check the full list of features through their site at http://www.wacom.com/us/en/creative. Click on the second icon on the left column to access the various products available.


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Alexander Petricca's picture

New entry level tablets design looks great!

Gabriele Correddu's picture

I haven't considered buying a graphic tablet for years.

And the old Wacom Bamboo Pen&Touch is been around for quite some time now.


Jason Ranalli's picture

I don't try to fight this anymore...I deliberately buy old stuff at this point. While I miss out on the joy of having the latest and greatest I have saved hundreds of dollars on well vetted proven gear. I bought an Intuos4 for $100 new off Amazon a few months ago..works fantastic. I deliberately buy used gear when I can also.

Gabriele Correddu's picture

Yeah, that'd be the same for me, if the price was unbelievably higher than the old one. But since it isn't, it drives me nuts.

John_Skinner's picture

Agreed. I went to the 4 because it did have some good upgrade features. Since then, it's all fluff. I can see this tablet pretty well lasting forever. I does exactly what I need it to do..and really well..

Patrick CN Wong's picture

So they just rename intuos 5 into intuos pro?

Graf Almassy's picture


Christopher Helms's picture

And gave it better buttons.

Imperious Images's picture

Thanks for sharing. I had been considering an intous 5 and after this announcement, the price just dropped.

CharlestonDave's picture

Pratik, if you were purchasing your first tablet for use in photo retouching, which tablet would you choose? What presets would be your first to program in?

Pratik Naik's picture

Hey Dave,

I would jump right into the Intuos (formerly Bamboo). I would get just the pen (not the pen and touch). The reason for this is because the price point is very cheap and in case I don't see myself upgrading, then no harm. If I knew I would use the buttons, I would go for the Pro series. You can customize keyboard buttons, or use the wheel to do things like scroll or zoom, which can be quite powerful in combination with your keyboard shortcuts.

I would probably preset shortcuts such as the common tools I use (healing/cloning brushes/regular brush/zoom/scroll).

If you find that you just like the tablet without a need to program buttons, I really like what they are offering with the entry level line because the pen looks solid. This wasn't the case in the past with older Bamboo versions or Graphire versions.

I hope this helps.

David Arthur's picture

Like that angry guy said, check out monoprice. Waaaaaaaay cheaper than wacom stuff and I've seen very little difference. Wacom has an eraser and monoprice needs batteries in the pen. thats about it.

Chris O'Connor's picture

Wacoms are multi-touch surfaces as well, which I don't believe any of Monoprices are? They're also built very well. Well worth the money. If someone can't afford it though, and don't mind some quirks, the knock-offs do work okay.

CharlestonDave - you can probably find a good deal on a Bamboo Create (larger one) for like 150 bucks or so.

Personally I'm not sure about having the buttons on the top like the new ones, they're handy on the side.

David Arthur's picture

I did not realize the newer ones were multi touch, I thought it was just the lower end ones. I have used a small bamboo, a large older intuos, and a monoprice. The monoprice and the older intuos are virtually the same. The monoprice one was built very well and works just as good, contrary to most other knock offs. The intuos I'm using belongs to the University I work for, and I am about to upgrade my small bamboo at home to a much larger Monoprice for about 50 bucks.

So if you really want the multitouch, wacom it is. But otherwise I've got to say consider the $50

irrationally angry guy.'s picture

Hey everybody i bought a tablet from monoprice.com and its amazing. and they dont price gouge you like these bastards do. i payed 50 bucks for a tablet as big as their medium size and it works great. so screw you wacom.