Fstoppers Reviews the Huion H610 Pro Graphics Tablet

Fstoppers Reviews the Huion H610 Pro Graphics Tablet

In the retouching world, graphics tablets are pretty much a standard. I don’t know of many retouchers that only use their mouse to get the job done. Graphics tablets allow for a more precise, and thus refined, work. They also used to cost a fair amount of money, but that was until Huion came along.

Let’s be honest here, the digital art board market is dictated by Wacom, and only Wacom. Most photographers and retouchers I talked with about my upcoming review of the Huion graphics tablet looked at me weird, as if I didn’t pronounce Wacom correctly. Well, Wacom now has a couple of competitors, amongst which, Huion. A Chinese based manufacturer that offer good quality products at a very affordable price. Much more affordable than Wacom. Huion was kind enough to send me an H610 Pro to review for you, and see if it is worth your money.

Build Quality

When I opened the box, the tablet was well packaged. I didn’t expect that at this kind of price point – $76.99. It was well packed, well protected, and looked good right away.

Once I had thrown away the plastics and box, I started to inspect the product in every angle possible. I didn’t want to believe I had spent three times more for my Intuos Pro and that this tablet could be as good. The size is very close to that of my Intuos Pro Medium, but a tiny bit smaller. It is slightly lighter as well, but only marginally (my Intuos is the version without the touch).

Then, there are the buttons on the side. No touch scroll/ring. Only clickable buttons that have a glossy finish and have encrusted logos. They feel more plasticky than the well-finished buttons of the Wacom Pro 4 I own. However, I found them easier to use when working. With that said, I don’t use these buttons a lot. I’ve never managed to get used to it.

More important than the buttons: the coating. When you spend long hours retouching, you want a surface that feels great. The Huion H610 Pro felt great but a slight bit too slick and slippery for my taste. The Wacom Intuos stays ahead with a coating that is closer to paper, where the pen doesn’t slide as easily. I personally prefer that to the one found on the Huion. But then, this is a matter of personal preference and someone who’s never drawn on paper will probably not even feel much difference or might prefer the Huion surfacing.

Last but not least, the pen. Slightly thinner, it felt good my hand. But then, just like the surfacing, it was good, even great, but not as great as the Wacom. But this is personal taste as well. Because as far as usability goes, I cannot complain. It gets the job done, offers 2048 pressure levels, has two shortcut buttons, and the nib is quite decent. I wished there were more nibs choices though, because some professional might actually want to use something softer or harder. My only real issue with the pen is that it works with a battery. Although you can work while it charges, it is not very practical. So just be sure to plug it before going off to bed, and the issue is nonexistent.


When I connected the Huion H610 Pro to my laptop for the first time, I had to uninstall my Wacom driver before installing its driver, in order for everything to work. No issue whatsoever, the tablet then worked right away. Looking at Youtube videos reviewing this same product, I found that the driver seems a bit better on Windows than on Mac. On my Macbook Pro, the interface of the driver was very rough. Not much refinement here. But who can complain at that price? Especially as you are most likely to open the driver software once to set everything up and never open it up ever again.

Despite the poor interface, it was very easy and quick to get everything to work like I was used to with my Wacom. Remapping the usable surface (I always make it smaller to work faster) was done within seconds, changing the shortcuts was easy, testing the pressure as well.

I worked with the tablet for about two weeks before writing this review. So plenty of time to retouch and see where the product fell short and where it shined. And well, even though my wallet doesn't want to admit it, it mostly shined! I noticed just one tiny issue. For some reason, sometimes, the alt/option button didn’t work properly when the tablet was plugged in. A bit annoying when you are cloning and healing. But either a restart of the system or unplug/replug of the tablet was enough to overcome the problem – note that this might as well just be on my computer.


At $76.99 it is very affordable. More than affordable actually, but I don't want to say that too much, or I am afraid Huion might raise their prices. You may have noticed, I compared the Huion H610 Pro to my Wacom Intuos Pro a fair bit. But the reason behind this comparison is very simple. I wanted to emphasize the fact that this product is available at a price lower than the "cheap" Wacom Pen & Touch while offering a quality and size close to that of a Wacom Intuos Pro Medium! For some people the Huion might actually be even better, depending on the pen and surfacing you like best.

What I Liked

  • Price – It’s an absolute steal
  • Build quality
  • Size & Weight
  • Friendly and quick to answer support service
  • Packaging
  • 2048 pressure levels

What Could be Improved

  • Pen – no battery would be awesome
  • Nibs choices, or even different pens
  • Driver – a more refined interface would be appreciated
  • Not wireless – however, there are other models that are

Should You Buy One?

I couldn’t believe the price of the Huion H610 Pro when I first discovered it, and this is actually the whole reason behind this review. Now that I have tried it, I still can’t believe how cheap it is! It has got everything 90-95% of the retouchers could ever need, for a third of the price of a Wacom equivalent. 

I am pretty sure some of you are wondering if they have other products. The answer is: yes, they do! Larger, smaller, cheaper, touch screen, and even tracing boards for the avid drawers. They've got you covered no matter what your needs are! You will – probably – find everything you could hope for on Huion's website.

If you want a perfect driver interface, a very nice pen, and overall well-designed everything, Wacom is probably best, but also much more expensive. On the other hand, if you don’t own a tablet yet, don’t have the budget for a Wacom, looking for a smaller and cheaper digital art board to travel with, do not look further, this is most likely the solution for you. For people that give workshops and do not have a partnership with Wacom, this could also become a solution to get a tablet for every attendee! Including a small 25-50$ tablet isn’t all that expensive, is it?

One last thing, when getting in touch with Huion, they offered me a coupon to share with all of you. You won't be able to complain about a nice 5% off using the code OFF-H610PRO when ordering from their website. Note that you can also order Huion's products from Amazon, but the coupon won't work.

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Quentin Décaillet is a photographer and retoucher based in Switzerland specializing in portrait and wedding photography.

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Did you really throw the box away before you even plugged it in?

too bad that the coupon does not work

It is working now; ending on April 23, 2016 (2 months from now)

As a Windows user the Wacom driver frustrates me a lot. They had sometimes bugs that existed for months, or the solution they mentioned in their forums was to install an older driver. So while I like my Wacom I think that their Software (and Software support) is really bad either.

Many thanks for this review. I am a reluctant Wacom user basically because I was unsure of the alternatives. Your review come just at the right time. I had problems with Wacom drivers from the begining, automatic resetting, loss of settings, a tiny connection cable which forced me to buy a remote which never worked. Initial response to my problems from Wacom was cheery and informative but nothing worked. I was finally told basically to remove my anti virus, uninstall other drivers, clear anything remotely electronic between the tablet and the computer. Then .... silence. Total silence. I have managed a basic work around, but for a product with such an immense number of known issues (I didn't realise that so many peope were unhappy with the product until much later) it seems a company that continues to tout new models without getting the basics right. To top things off, my work around fell apart with the instalation of Windows 10... back to basics.... no thank you.

i use huion dwh69 , it's a wireless tablet and working fantastic .

"But then, this is a matter of personal preference and someone who’s never drawn on paper will probably not even feel much difference or might prefer the Huion surfacing."

Uhm ok. Who on earth has not drawn on a piece of paper?? :D

There is drawing… and drawing ;) I mean, if you only draw stickmen, you probably won't notice the difference between the two coating, that's what I meant.

I have their GT-220 display tablet connected to my 2011 iMac. Works great, especially when considering the price. The driver isn't excellent - just adequate. All the functionality I need is there.

Though I use Wacom, I have high hopes for this company, since Wacom reeeeally needs some good competition.

I've been using the Huion 1060 Pro since 2014 and love it. At the price-point of $80 it's well worth every penny.

Great article and timing. My Wacom tablet is starting to die and I was going to get another one. I was actually trying to justify the Wacom Cintiq 13HD Graphics Tablet at $700, but the Huion has a larger one for $449. I see an early Christmas present in my future.

Have Fun,

I am using this Huion professionally for a few months, It is working perfectly on a Windows 10 system. This tablet is one or the very best deals in photography...

I got this tablet for Christmas, and have been loving it! Glad to see a reputable site do a review on it!

Been using the 610 Pro for months -- Love it.

thanks for the nice review. I'd like to add that the message that the Huion is replacement for Wacom is a bit...too much. Pen angle dependence, sensitivity, overall experience is not comparable, imho. But it is definitely true that it works fine for most retouching work. One thing: mine came with a rather rough surface: the pen movement was not fluid and the ''scratch'' noise was not acceptable. I assume it is a ''bug'' of my sample, I solved with a tablet screen film...

Quentin - I appreciate this review and have been debating the upgrade to an expensive Wacom but went with the Huion after reading this piece. Do you have any tips on setting up the shortcuts for using the brush tool and hand tool with the pen in Photoshop?

I picked one of these up on your recommendation. The driver blue screens me after about an hour or so of using the tablet. I uninstalled my wacom drivers before installing the huion drivers. Win7 os. Anyone have similar experience?

I only tried it on Mac OS, so no BSOD here :( Did you try reaching out their customer service?

I agree to this. I have this Wacom Intuos Graphics Tablet and this is something worth for its price. Especially when I saw this product at http://www.phonetabletlab.com/, I've read a lot of good feedback. Recommended!

I've never used a tablet before and was considering the Wacom Inuos Pro Small. I discovered the Huion line and ended up getting the Huion W58 for a fraction of the price. The Huion W58 is excellent!

Brilliant review. Does anyone know whether this tablet works well with Rebelle painting software?
Many thanks in advance.

Huion, lke XP-Pen, Artisul etc. in most cases work better with Windows than iOS