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How One Sheet of A4 Paper Can Make You a Better Photographer

If you are being honest with yourself would you say you are completely happy with how your photography is going? A few small changes could be all that you need to take things to a more fulfilling and successful level.

How To Capture a 717 Billion Pixel Photograph

While many photographers have probably stitched together a handful of images to create a panorama, this scientist has taken things to a whole other level by using a staggering 8,439 pictures.

Pantone Announces Color of the Year for 2022

If you're not already in the loop, December is the month that we learn from Pantone what the color of the year will be for 2022. Ready to start using it everywhere?

Add This 'Frankenstein Lens' to Your Camera Bag

Once in a while a lens comes along that makes you want to reach for your wallet without hesitation. While this 35mm "Franken-lens" may need some additional steps to get it to work, the results are rather breathtaking.

Six Photoshop Features All Photographers Must Master

It doesn't matter what kind of photographer you are, chances are your images will benefit from being edited in some way. If you are serious about your pictures looking their best, these six key Photoshop techniques are well worth mastering.

10 Lessons Learned From the Masters of Portrait Photography

Finding your voice in photography can be a difficult task when you're not exactly sure where to look. Learn these 10 lessons from some of the greatest portrait photographers and take your work to the next level.