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Jump Start the Creative Process by Using a Sense Other Than Sight

If you're constantly seeking inspiration from the same places, it can be hard to move forward creatively. Worse yet, if many others are also using the same sources as you, there is a risk of making work which is just like everyone else's. With this in mind, the guys over at Canon Australia have produced another episode in their series from The Lab, a collection of short experiments designed to shift creative thinking behind the lens.

How to Spot an Instagram Cheat, Read the Graphs, See the Signs

Being able to recognize an Instagram cheat will stop you getting ripped off and taken advantage of by brands, models, and colleagues alike. Once you know how to spot a faker you'll be surprised at how many accounts are actually doing it and how sophisticated this deception has actually got.

Why You Should Be Looking for a New Job Even If You're Happy

It doesn't matter if you work for an employer or run your own business, having one eye constantly on the jobs market will change your perception of the industry and help your career going forward. Your future self will thank you for this.

How to Get the Perfect Portrait Angle as Proven by 'Science'

Surprisingly small changes to the position of your camera can actually make your images much more successful. Ed over at Photos In Color decided to set himself the challenge of trying to make the perfect headshot in studio conditions. While keeping the lighting and the camera distance from the model the same each time, various heights and angles were tested and carefully captured so the differences could be compared.

Struggling to Find Inspiration for Your Next Shoot? This New Series Might Just Help You

If you're trying to gain an edge in a competitive market, getting inspiration from places you might not normally look could really help. This new documentary series will expose you to some of the world's most creative minds in fields you may have never considered. As an added bonus, one of the episodes features famous photographer, Platon, and is worth a watch just for that alone.