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How to Respond When Clients Say You're Too Expensive

It really doesn't matter what kind of photography you do if you get paid for your services I guarantee that at some point you will be faced with price objections from a client. If you haven't already you definitely should arm yourself with a few tactics for when the inevitable happens.

The Surprising By-Products of Combating Phone Addiction

Let's face it, we all use our phones a little too often. The average person checks their device over 100 times a day. For this reason, I decided to use a fairly unknown hidden function on most smartphones to help curb my habits. Not only did it help tremendously, but it also brought some unexpected benefits to me as a photographer.

Apple Accidentally Leaked the iPhone 8

Even though Apple had claimed to have doubled down on the secrecy of their products it seems they made one major oversight. One iOS developer has dug into the readily available firmware for its yet to be launched HomePod and found some confirmations of what the iPhone 8 will be like.

Photographer Wins $1 Million Defamation Lawsuit Against Couple

A Dallas County jury has handed down a $1 million verdict after they decided a local couple ran a smear campaign against a prominent wedding photographer on social media. Could this decision set precedent for other photographers treated badly online?

The Secret to Making Eyes More Attractive, Backed by Science

Our biological instincts are so hard-wired when it comes to the perception of attractiveness that we're actually quite predictable in our choices, even if we can't explain the reasons behind them. Thankfully, science has delved into these unconscious tendencies, and its findings can really help give our portraits extra sex appeal.

11 Free Apps I Couldn't Live Without as a Photographer

This is not your typical list of must have photography apps — no Snapchat, Instagram, or Photoshop here. Although you might not have heard of many of the names I'm about to recommend to you, each one has earned its place on my phone because it plays a part in making my life as a photographer much easier.

Tips, Tricks, and Hacks - Six Additional Ways to Use a Pelican Case

We all know how highly respected the Pelican brand is when it comes to protecting your photography equipment. The case's waterproof qualities and seemingly indestructible nature make them the go to choice for many professionals. If you thought they were just for keeping your gear safe then think again, they actually have many more practical benefits than just the obvious.

Take Your Studio Game to the Next Level for Less Than $40

Virtually all photographers' portfolios have some form of studio work in it. The clean white background has been used the world over, from high-fashion shoots to everyday e-commerce. Here's an effective way to give your model or product shoots a touch more class for little to no cost.

Exploring the Murky Concept of 'Shot on a Smartphone' Commercials

We've all seen those inspiring commercials which claim to have been shot entirely on a smartphone. While technically they were captured with the device they are trying to sell to you, it is often with some heavy equipment adaptation which has always felt a little fraudulent to me, even if they do mention it in the small print which no one reads.

Fstoppers Reviews VSDC Free Video Editor — A Great Place to Start Your Video Career

I recently wrote about how photographers should be seriously looking at the medium of video as a skill that should be in their repertoire. Hopefully, some of you were inspired enough to start capturing your own moving images and now you're ready to edit the footage. VSDC Free Video Editor could be just the piece of software you've been looking for.

See From Start to Finish How This Haunting Composite Was Made

One of the things I really love about Photoshop is the fact that there is invariably more than one way to achieve a particular effect in the editing software. For this reason, it's hard to get tired of seeing other people's workflows as you'll always find someone doing something which you haven't thought of before.

Learning to Work With Your Inner Critic While on a Photoshoot

Being overcritical of yourself can seriously hold you back in your photographic career. If you listen to those seeds of doubt too much you could end up crippling yourself to a point where you no longer feel able to create work or know what your next move should be. Let's see how three photographers manage to cope with an extreme version of that inner critic while on a photoshoot.

How Simple Lighting Techniques Can Dramatically Enhance Your Photography

It doesn't matter if you shoot weddings, portraits, or work in the commercial world. With the smallest about of kit and a little bit of knowledge you really can dramatically improve the quality of your images. The guys over at Westcott have produced a fascinating video with Chicago-based photographer and educator Bob Davis. This demonstration is focused on how to enhance the look of your groom preparation shots, but I actually think these tips can be used in various genres of photography.

How Visual Effects Can Enhance Your Work for the Better

Love it or hate it, CGI and digital compositing are here to stay. I think you'd actually be surprised at how much of it is used without you even realizing and for this reason it's something which you should be open to embracing to enhance your video and photography work.