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How Lego and Tin Foil Can Help Transform Your Photography

Digital pinhole photography is a great way to get creative with your images for little to no money. With the help of some Lego and a few other items, you can easily make the ultimate DIY lens and start making work in a complelty diffrent way.

4 Photoshop Back Ups All Serious Photographers Need to Do

Hard drives fail, computer programs get corrupted, and companies have data losses from time to time. If you rely on Adobe to keep all your files and settings safe, then you may be in for a shock if things go majorly wrong. Make sure you have the following four items manually backed up while you still can.

How Scratch-Proof Is a Camera Sensor?

Most photographer's anxiety levels shoot through the roof if they leave their camera sensor exposed for more than a few milliseconds. Question is, how much abuse can our sensors really take? Don't try this experiment at home, kids.

10 Photoshop Features That You May Not Know Exist

I've been using Photoshop in its many incarnations for over twenty years now. Even though I'm incredibly familiar with the program, I still managed to learn some new tricks thanks to this Photoshop master.

Six Important Shortcuts That Won't Harm Your Photography

There's almost an infinite amount of decisions that a photographer has to make on their journey to becoming a professional. While many of these choices may be somewhat trivial, other decisions will place you on the wrong path, cost you money, or slow your progress down dramatically.

The Navy SEAL Technique All Photographers Should Be Doing

Many parallels can be drawn between being in the military and being a photographer. Both have their high pressured moments and require extreme concentration at times. Here's one technique that the Navy SEALs have adopted that photographers should too.

10 Ways to Reinvent Your Instagram Accounts While in Lockdown

The coronavirus is making it incredibly difficult for photographers to make new content while the world is on lockdown. The good news is you already have a treasure trove of untapped potential buried in your homes, garages, and offices, and it's crying out to be posted online.

Convert Your Ceiling Into the World's Largest Softbox

If you don't already have your own home studio, now might be a great time to start building one. With a little knowhow, it's possible to transform a regular room into the perfect place to shoot.

8 Things Photographers Must Do to Lower Their Expenses During the Coronavirus

Many photographers are scared right now and with good reason. The Coronavirus is causing an unprecedented financial crisis, which we'll probably feel the repercussions of for many years to come. While you may feel pretty helpless right now, there are still things you can do to give yourself the best possible chance of surviving all this.

Should Photographers Specialize or Generalize?

The most important decision photographers have to make is whether to specialize or generalize. While generalizing may increase your chances of work, it can also harm your reputation. The good news is there's a clever way to do both.