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The Awesome $300 Camera You Probably Don't Need

Having two cameras can give you so much more versatility and security when you're out shooting. If you are in the market for something cheap yet amazing, this addition could be for you.

Shooting One Light Commercial Car Photography in London

Even if commercial car photography is not your thing, there is always something to learn from seeing professionals on a shoot. Especially when the results are this impressive and the gear used was minimal.

The Free Map App All Photographers Should Be Using

It doesn't matter what type of photographer you are, having the ability to accurately document and locate hard-to-find spots is worth its weight in gold. This app is about to revolutionize how we all shoot on location.

Find Out How Long It Is Before Your SSD Will Die

Many of us photographers rely on solid-state drives to store our important images. Did you know these types of drives only have a limited life span? Here's how to check how long your current drives have left on them before they urgently need replacing.

How To Trick WhatsApp Into Sending Uncompressed Images

Having WhatsApp aggressively compress your images, strip out important metadata, and delete your handpicked color profiles is downright annoying for photographers. Thankfully, there is an easy way to trick WhatsApp into sending your precious images unharmed.