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This 489 Megapixel DIY Camera Is Cheap and Neat

A $150 DIY camera that is capable of capturing 489-megapixel images sounds too good to be true, right? Let's take a look at how this thing is built and the pictures you can expect to get from it.

5 Awesome Cameras You Can Buy for Under $100

Having multiple cameras as a photographer is always a good idea as it gives you security and versatility. The good news is you can easily add an extra camera to your arsenal for less than $100.

Is It Time To Quit the Photography You Do?

Photography seems like a noble enough activity, but is it really the thing we should be spending all our time, money, and energy on? Here's how to work out if photography is what you should be doing with your life.

The $10 Camera Photographers Are Snapping Up

A well-made camera that can make great pictures and only costs $10 sounds too good to be true, right? Here's why you need to add a point and shoot to your camera bag.

Ringo Starr: The Beatles Drummer Turned Photographer

Many of us know Ringo Starr as the drummer from the Beatles, but did you know he is an accomplished photographer too? I think you may be pleasantly surprised to see what happened when he swapped his drumsticks for a camera.

The Death of Social Media: A Warning to Photographers

Unless you have been living under a rock for the last few years, you'll probably have noticed that many social media platforms have been heading downhill. Here's how to best prepare for the social media storms ahead.

The $60 Monitor Worth Having on Your Desk

Thanks to the popularity of mini touchscreen monitors, these little screens are more available and affordable than ever. For this reason, now might be a good time for photographers to add one to their existing setup.

10 Things Photographers Don't Really Need

It will probably come as no surprise to you that there are certain "must-have" items that photographers don't really need in their lives. Before making your next purchase or business decision, check out this list.

Why You Should Use a Wired Connection for Printing Photos

To make accurate prints, you need to get several elements right. From print profiles, to choice of paper, to correct calibration. If you are working on a Mac, you need to ensure you are doing it properly.

The 5-Minute Photography Battle You Need to Try

A little bit of competition can be a healthy thing for photographers and a great way to get the creative juices flowing. Are you ready to try this five-minute photography battle?