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Worry About the Story Because Your Camera Is Fine

Even in today’s world where all the information you’ve ever wanted is in the palm of our hand, we still get caught up in the latest and greatest tech and forget about what most important — the story. We all go through stages where it’s easier to make the excuse that you’ll start putting out better work once you buy a specific piece of gear or you’ll start practicing your video work once you get that gimbal you’ve been safe keeping in your online shopping cart. We just need to spend more hours behind the camera constantly shooting than daydreaming about the gear that we’ll have soon.

Using Movement to Take Your Films to the Next Level

When making films, we experiment with different camera setups, locations, times, and various equipment to try to nail that scene exactly how we see it in our head. Lately though I have been experimenting a ton with movement. It really immerses you into a location and gives you the feeling of being there yourself. It also is great way to piece a story together seamlessly. Now when I saw one of my favorite filmmakers make a video this specific subject I knew I had to share it.

Regain Creative Motivation with 'Too Far Gone'

Sometimes as creatives, we lose sight of what originally attracted us to the creative process of photography and videography in the first place. We get lost in the noise while we are busy juggling social media, websites, managing shoots, pitching to clients, and constantly reinventing our work. Every now and then we need an image or a video to really put in perspective why we feel the way we do when we raise our cameras to our eye. The wonderfully directed short film "Too Far Gone" does just that.

Why Sony Is a Company All Photographers Should Be Supporting

About a week ago I was in New York City visiting for pleasure and decided there was no way I could leave without visiting my favorite store in the city: the B&H superstore. This was something I had been looking forward to since it would be the first time I could get my hand on the new Sony a9 and see what all the fuss was about. During my visit, I was absolutely floored by the performance of the a9 and how the Sony kiosk had way more attention than anywhere else in the store. This along with the recent announcement of Canon’s 6D Mark II and Nikon’s company woes made me realize how much the industry needs a company like Sony.

Master Filmmaking With These Crane Movements

Cranes are quickly becoming a staple in the bags of many videographers and for good reason. It has a smaller footprint, lower cost of entry, and has a relatively low learning curve than most gimbals on the market. Even though most users can pick up and go without ever opening the manual. There are still fundamental crane movements that you need to learn to take a good scene and make it a great scene.

Is the Adobe Creative Cloud Subscription Model Worth It?

By now we all should know that Adobe has ditched the traditional one-time purchase for programs in favor of the new Creative Cloud subscription model. During the transition, there were growing pains and outrage amongst the creative community. People were upset that they would no longer be getting updates for the programs that they owned and the only way to stay current would be to subscribe to Adobe’s service. Now that the dust has settled from the transition, Justin Odisho weighs in with his thoughts on the subscription and if he thinks it’s worth it as a professional in the industry.

The Sony a9 Review We've All Been Waiting For

While we all might not all be a fan of his on-camera persona or his punchy photography style. I think we can all agree that Jared Polin aka FroKnowsPhoto does a great job of testing out and reviewing the latest and greatest in the Photography industry. In his newly released “Real World Review” Jared takes the newly released Sony a9 and puts it through the paces at a professional soccer event in Philadelphia.

How Hiking Has Shaped My Photography

Unlike most people in Photography, I didn’t pick up a camera for the love of making art. I never thought of myself as an artistic person but I wanted something better than my phone to document my hikes in the Appalachian Mountains. Quickly after getting my first Sony a6000 just like with all my hobbies I had to know everything about it and so I ran down the photography rabbit hole (and haven’t come back). Even though I do more with my camera nowadays than just documenting the trail, it has taught me a few things that have helped me immensely in my work.

Ever Thought You Could Justify Spending $40,000 on A Camera?

Jakob Owens is a visual director based out of Los Angeles, California. He directs music videos, commercials, short films, and manages his YouTube channel TheBuffNerds. Ever since discovering Owens through YouTube, I have used his channel as a constant source of industry information and inspiration. In his newest video, he announces his recent acquisition of the 6K RED Dragon and while explaining the purchase he gives insight on how he justified this milestone purchase.

Five Pieces of Gear That Are Always in My Photography Bag

With every job or concept we go to shoot, our gear that we take with us is constantly changing. We take our full lighting setup for a day in the studio then we turnaround and pack a separate bag to go shoot in the mountains for that perfect sunset. The gear we take with us is on a constantly turning roundabout between our bags and kits. Through all the madness there does seem to be a few items that are consistently put into every setup. It’s those pieces of gear that work in all scenarios that are invaluable to us and how we work. These are the five items that I won’t leave the house without regardless of what’s on the agenda.

Keeping Your Videos Interesting With Better Pacing

We’ve all had one of those moments where we were in the middle of watching a video and realized that the pacing just didn’t quite feel right. It’s something that once it catches your attention can ruin the rest of the video for ourselves. Whether it be fast jump cuts to a slow song or vice versa, the pacing of our videos is a highly important variable that can quite easily be overlooked in the video production process.

Does the Sony a9 Already Have an Overheating Issue?

In April, Sony shocked the photography community by announcing the rumored Sony a9 to the world. The camera attacked all the critics by improving on most of the aspects that many believed to be holding Sony back from being a true “professional” camera. Dual SD card slots, 20 frames per second burst with autofocus, and improved battery life all made it seem that the a9 would be the camera to battle the Canon 1DX and Nikon D5 for the top sports camera in the industry. While on paper this camera seemed to be perfect but recent events have come to light showing Sony’s true Achilles heel is still reliability.

Three Ways to Separate Yourself From Other Photographers

Social media consumption is at an all-time high and is on pace to increase at an exponential pace for the foreseeable future. We all seem to have capable technology on us always, whether it be a cell phone or dedicated interchangeable lens camera. With this rapid rate of consumption and the accessibility of technology we are living in a world saturated with quality content everywhere we look. Standing out among other photographers is getting more challenging daily and that’s why I put together these three ways to help separate yourself from other photographers.

Must Have Peak Design Accessories for Your Camera

When it comes to using camera gear, our carrying and mounting systems are truly paramount to being efficient in many shooting scenarios. While many brands have attempted to perfect a “one-size fits all” system, only one in my opinion hits the nail on the head for all my needs. In his latest video, fellow YouTuber and Sony shooter, Jason Vong, agrees with me that the Peak Design system flat out works. Individually the products are great and high quality, but used together they provide a seamless experience found with no other product line on the market.

Why Fitness Inspires Creativity

In today’s world, the quality of work being put out into the creative space is as high as has ever been. Now with the cost of entry being low and the quality of technology being constantly updated, making a name for yourself is getting harder and harder daily. We are always looking for that “edge” as professionals that set us apart from the crowd or that little extra boost of energy needed to finish that late-night editing session. Lucky for us the answer isn't more caffeine (though it never hurts) or something we have to go out and buy. It's as simple as dedicating a few minutes a day to personal fitness.