Keeping Your Videos Interesting With Better Pacing

We’ve all had one of those moments where we were in the middle of watching a video and realized that the pacing just didn’t quite feel right. It’s something that once it catches your attention can ruin the rest of the video for ourselves. Whether it be fast jump cuts to a slow song or vice versa, the pacing of our videos is a highly important variable that can quite easily be overlooked in the video production process.

While we all are trying to utilize fancy transitions, or making our cinematic intro just right, we tend to forget to really nail down the flow of a video. Brandon Li, a traveler, editor, and director who is currently living life as a global nomad, explains in one of his latest videos the true importance of the pacing in his videos. Not only does he share some great examples of how he establishes the pace of his videos but he even gives us some simple but effective exercises to work on mastering it on our own. Hearing these tips from the pros can really add a new perspective to a budding videographer or even one that has established himself in the industry.

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Yogendra Singh's picture

Nice bits of advice.
Few days back I sent a personal message to Patrick about video editing and he never replied.