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Alex Cooke
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Articles written by Alex Cooke

The Interplay of Composition and Light

When it comes to creating a successful landscape image, few things are more fundamental than composition and light. However, they are not separate, discrete ideas that have no bearing on each; rather, they are deeply intertwined and influence each other. This great video explores how light and composition interact and how you can use them to create more engaging images.

Learn the Basics of Fill Flash

One of the most fundamental artificial lighting techniques is the use of fill flash. It is a versatile technique that can quickly and drastically improve your on-location photos. This helpful video will show you the basics of fill flash, both why and how it is used.

The Importance of Experimenting in Photography

We all have our favorite photography subjects, ways of shooting, preferred post-processing styles, and more. But if we want to grow as photographers, it is important that we not spend all our time just doing what we like without ever pushing outside of our comfort zones. This great video follows one photographer as he discusses how experimentation has helped him.

Why One Photographer Purchased the Canon EOS R

While Canon's RF glass has generally received quite high praise, the cameras in the R system have seen more mixed reviews given their feature sets. Nonetheless, after spending quite some time with the EOS R, one photographer has decided it is worth owning. This great video takes a comprehensive look at his reasons why he purchased the camera.